Buffy and Spike

My second “Buffy” video - it’s Buffy and Spike set to the Kelly Clarkson song “Addicted”. I thought this was a great song for the Buffy-Spike relationship, since it was so destructive but neither of them could give it up.

Director’s commentary:

- unlike my Buffy-Angel movie, I wasn’t trying to tell the chronological story of their relationship, I just wanted to capture the essence, so I’ve got a lot of shorter clips that aren’t in order from the series.
- I pulled a lot more video for this one, but found myself going back to the same four or five episodes that had really great scenes that fit the lyrics.
- I debated for a long time about using the scene from “Seeing Red” but decided it was a good follow up to the scene from “Smashed” that precedes it in the video. “Smashed” shows Buffy’s unhealthy addiction to Spike and “Seeing Red” is obviously the low point of Spike’s addiction to Buffy.
- Because of the flow of the song and the quick hit style of the clips, there are fewer iMovie transitions. I think the jarring jumps actually work better.