I don't get paid for this

Just a reminder... I have a real job and a real life, both of which take up quite a bit of my time. So, yeah, blogging is kind of the least of my concerns.

That said, I do still plan to update my site with the info I promised. Realistically, if you know me, you’ve already been updated on my Chicago vacation (which happened a month ago, now) but there’s still some cool little info I want to post up here.

Also, the Xander/Cordy wave of Buffy 6” figures is now shipping, so I’ll have all kinds of updates to my Buffy section. I’m also planning to add (by the end of the year, so again, don’t hold your breath) scans of my autographed pictures, autographed cards, and comics/TPBs -- basically I would like to put my scanner to use.