Way behind...

OK, I stopped updating in Chicago for 3 reasons:

1) My internet connection wasn’t cooperating with iWeb’s publishing abilities
2) Due to a logic board problem in my MacBook, iWeb was running painfully slow
3) I had better things to do.

As for why I haven’t published since I got back, well, check reason 3 again.

Seriously, though, I have finally gotten around to posting lots of pictures, of Wizard World, Slay-a-Thon, and my full day in downtown Chicago. I’ve also updated the Buffy section with lots of new pictures. I’m thinking about trying to create a more complete Buffy collectibles website, but BuffyCollector.com already does a pretty good job of that. I may start doing a separate Buffy collectibles blog, and keep this one more focused on personal stuff, but that’s a ways off.

I may try to have a more complete blog entry tomorrow, detailing my entire time in Chicago, but don’t hold your breath (really, don’t because even if I do post the update tomorrow, you’d die of lack of oxygen long before then).