Welcome to... Vacation

Day 1 of 19...

Well, technically not Day 1 just yet, since I am getting home from work on Friday, so it’s not really my Saturday yet. Once I go to sleep, then wake up, it’ll be Day 1. And yes, you read that right, it’s Day 1 of 19. I’ve got back-to-back vacation weeks, a day off before them, and 4 days off after them (thanks to holidays), so it’s a long time without working. In fact, it’s my longest period of time without working since my sophomore year of high school (and if you count school as work, then it’d be my longest break since the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school).

As of now, I have 10 days of my vacation accounted for with a trip to Chicago (Slay-a-thon and Wizard World, here I come!) but otherwise, I’m unoccupied. You know what that means... I may actually update this site more than once a month! As for now, my plan is to update it daily, but that could easily fall through. Plus, I’ll try to update you on some projects I hope to get done in the course of the next week (Saturday’s task: clean out the basement, then take new Condo photos and add them to the photos page).

I’m also debating throwing a podcast on here, mostly just to try and make one and see how it works. I’m not sure exactly what I’d talk about (though I’m fairly certain the latest “Buffy” collectible news would take up a large chunk of it), but it might be fun. Plus, my friends who haven’t seen or heard from me in awhile outside of iChat would at least get to hear my voice.

Well, time to get some sleep and get started on this vacation thing. I’m sure I’ll have more to say Saturday.