Vacation: Day 5

Well, only one full day left before I leave for Chicago. I should probably pack soon. I’ve essentially done nothing in that department. Which is bad, since I’m going to be there for 10 days.

As for what I did today -- besides not pack that is -- well, I went to the comic book shop. Why would I do that a week before attending a comic book convention? Well, last time I waited to pick something up at Wizard World (back in June when we went to Philadelphia), no one had it there. Not wanting to make the same mistake again, I went to the shop today to pick up Spike vs Dracula #4 (pictured at left), Angel Spotlight: Doyle, and Angel Scriptbook #5 (appropriately enough for the episode “Five by Five.” The big news related to this is that Joe Corroney, the artist for the Spike vs Dracula series, will be at Wizard World, so I’m hoping to have him sign the issues I have (I’m also going to try and get some of my other Buffy and Angel issues signed. If I succeed, I’ll be sure to post scans here).

After the comic book shop, I went over to Pooz’s, where we proceeded to play video games for a long amount of time. We played some more Def Jam: Fight for NY, then got in some NFL Street action (that was a very underrated game, which gets all-the-more forgotten because of the disappointment that was NFL Street 2). After a dinner break, the a trip to the pool (no, I didn’t swim, mostly because I wasn’t planning on it, so I had nothing in which to swim) we came back and played a best-of-3 NBA Street, Vol. 2 series. As always, Pooz was the Magic (featuring a way-too-good version of Shawn Kemp) and I was the Clippers (featuring Lamar Odom’s limitless potential, rather than his mediocre actual career). I won the series 2-1, and Pooz has already demanded a rematch when I return from Chicago.

Honestly, I don’t blame him for wanting a rematch, because during the third game, he was distracted by Sarah’s efforts to remove the world’s largest fly from their apartment. Seriously, this thing was like a small bird. It killed a lamp (no really, it did. It flew into the lamp, Pooz and Sarah shook the lamp to get the fly out, the bulb broke and the fly survived). It then ended up flying into their Canon printer and crawling inside. Even printing a document wasn’t enough to force the fly from its new home. So, if you’re scoring at home, that’s Fly 2, Modern Electronics 0.

Well, tomorrow is essentially a prep-and-pack day (I also need to print directions to and from various places in Chicago, so that should be lots of not fun). Then it’s off to the Windy City on Friday morning. I may post an update tomorrow, I may not, but I’ll try to have one once I’m in Chicago.

Oh, and for everyone going to Slay-a-thon, feel free to introduce yourself to me. I’ll be the guy who looks like the guy pictured on the front page of the blog, just with shorter hair, and a less genius-y T-shirt.