Vacation: Day 4

Another day down, and another eventful day.

I didn’t get the CD rack assembled, but that’s not a big deal. I did hang out with Moore... we visited the mall, had some dinner, and I whupped him in Fight Night at Best Buy (we played at Best Buy because I still have yet to purchase a 2nd controller for my 360... I swear I’ll do it eventually). While we were at Best Buy, I did pick up “Pinky and the Brain” Volume 1 on DVD. This show was freakin’ hilarious. It’s too bad it was only on for 3 years, though.

When we got back to my place, I discovered that UPS had dropped off the newest addition to my Buffy collection, “Primeval” Buffy (pictured to the left). Check out the full gallery in the Buffy section. Also, if you visit the Buffy section regularly, you’ll notice a serious reduction in the menu bar. I decided to take out the individual pages from the navigation and just leave the menu page and the full collection display up there. It saves a lot of room on the pages, and the menu has links to everything.

Oh, I should mention that I didn’t watch “ROTK” today. I promise I will before I leave for Chicago (not that I need to keep that promise, but I’d like to).