Vacation: Day 2, Part 2

So the realy first day of my vacation was rather eventful. I got my nephew Eli his present for his 1st birthday (plush toys from “Cars” and “Toy Story” -- both Disney/Pixar productions -- I’m nothing if not a corporate shill), then I dropped them off and visited with the family for a little while. After that I made a trip to Walmart, to get some type of shelf/organizer for my video games. I picked up two cheap wire frame 28-capacity holders, which are now mounted on the wall right above my mass of video game systems (pictures will be coming sometime this week, I promise).

I then went to Pooz’s, where we played some good old fashioned “Def Jam: Fight for New York. Because Pooz’s Xbox was the one in the living room when he shared an apartment, my character was still intact on his system, so we got in some good head-to-head matches before tag-teaming to destroy the CPU opponents.

After that, it was back to the family to drop in on Eli’s 1st birthday party, which was fun. Now I’m back here for the night, ready to relax.

I have been playing around more with MacOSiaX. It’s a really fun program. I re-setup the parameters for my “Becoming” Buffy mosiac and ended up wtih what you see above. The picture on the left is the original photo, the one on the right is a mosaic made up of about 9,000 tiles of screenshots from “Becoming” 1 and 2. If you click the picture, you can download the full-res image, but I warn you, it’s almost 60 MB, so be prepared to wait.

I’m running another one right now -- a picture of Buffy and Dawn using “The Gift” as the source. When I’m finished, I’m probably going to take both of them to Kinkos and have them made up as posters.

Well, that just about wraps up day 2. On the docket for day 3: move my computer desk so I can at least somewhat see the TV from it, then possibly make an Ikea run.