Vacation: Day 1

Ok, so “vacation” might be a little inaccurate at this point. Today was really just like a normal day off (which makes some sense, since it was really part of the previous work week. My vacation starts for real tomorrow).

As promised, though, I did finally clean my place, which meant throwing out a ton of boxes from the basement. It’s actually usable now, though I haven’t taken pictures yet, because I still want to move some things around down there.

I also got back involved on the “Buffy” figures board, with big things happening in the world of “Buffy” collectibles. Sideshow made some big announcements at SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con for the uninitiated). I’ve already preordered 12-inch Lorne and 12-inch Giles, and I’m eagerly anticipating the moment I can tell Sideshow to bill me for Premium Format Spike (partially pictured above). Diamond Select also had a lot of announcements (Deluxe Series 3, new props, etc.) but none are available for pre-order, since they’re not shipping for quite awhile.

Tomorrow should be a more eventful day. I’m going to visit my family and Pooz may come over. I’ll keep you all posted.