This is what happens when you don’t write for three weeks...

... you end up with way too much to write about.

I apologize in advance for the length of this entry, but I have a whole bunch to write about. If this were one of my old sites, I’d throw in some anchors to link you to specific sections, but iWeb won’t let you do that. (Oh, and BTW, all my iWeb problems have been completely resolved, so I’m slowly but surely adding back the Photo Gallery section. It’ll take some time, but eventually most of the stuff that was there will be there again.) And I should mention that if you want explanation of the photo to the left, scroll all the way down. I cover that last.


OK, starting back with the last post, it’s time to cover the season finale of “Lost” and answer some questions. First off, my three things I thought would get answered did, to some extent. We did
find out how the plane crashed, we did find out what the button does (and that Henry Gale most likely did press it) and while we didn’t get a specific answer as to the identity of The Others, we did find out definitively that they’re not who they say they are (and that Henry Gale was indeed referring to himself when talking about their leader, something I was convinced of from the beginning).

As for the other stuff that happened on “Lost” -- my mind is still reeling. I’m not sure exactly where they’re going with all of this, but I can’t wait until Season 3. There are just so many questions to be answered: the statue with four toes, the fate of the people in the hatch, the white light, and just what do The Others want with Kate, Jack and Sawyer. I am just incredibly excited about this show.


Unfortunately, all is not good in the world of Television. First off, it’s the summer, which means, well, utter despair and nothingness (aka reality show after reality show after reality show after... well, you get the point). More depressingly for me is that two of my staple shows -- shows I watched every week, for every season for the past few years -- are done. Both “Alias” and “Charmed” completed their runs. Now, this wasn’t surprising, since both of them made it very clear at the beginning of the season that this was likely the last season, but it didn’t quite hit me until after watching the “Alias” finale that I would never again see a new episode of either of these shows. Sure, new shows will come out that will fill their shoes, but it’s not quite the same -- really, these were the only two shows I watched religiously over the past four or five years.

A little background: I started watching Charmed during the summer between Season 2 and Season 3. The first episode I ever saw was “Murphy’s Luck” which wasn’t a bad episode, but wasn’t great. Season 3 was what really got me going, especially with Julian McMahon joining the cast -- his character was the perfect addition at the time. I got absolutely hooked on “Charmed.” I even dropped a class because it conflicted with the Thursday night airtime (also, the class was supposed to be an intro to CompSci, but it was really a C++ programming class, so I had no interest in being there, but that’s besides the point). I’ve seen every episode since, and have been buying the DVDs right as they come out. I really loved the show, even though the writing took a precipitous drop after Season 4.

As for “Alias”, well, I watched that one from Day 1 -- sort of. I did watch the Series Premiere when it aired (commercial free, presented by Nokia, if you remember) and watched all of Season 1. Then, I missed Season 2. Not sure why, but I did. Then, before Season 3 started, the Season 1 DVD set came out. I remembered how much I’d enjoyed Season 1, so I bought it, and rewatching it got me excited about the show again. In the weeks leading up to the Season 3 premiere, ABC re-aired the end of Season 2, so I got caught up to some extent, and again, haven’t missed an episode since. Did I think the show lost something over time? Yes. Honestly, it was never as good as it was in Season 1, though if you want to argue that the Super Bowl episode was the real beginning of the end, I wouldn’t disagree with you (I understand they wanted to change the show to try and bring in more casual fans, but changing it so dramatically midstream -- as they did again with Season 4 -- is tough on your dedicated fanbase.

When its all said and done, I’ll miss both shows, but there are things to fill the hours.


Speaking of that, there were a lot of shows this year that featured former “Buffy” and “Angel” stars. I tried to watch all of them, but I just couldn’t keep up. So my apologies to Charisma Carpenter (Kendall Casablancas on “Veronica Mars”) and J. August Richards (Billy Desmond on “Conviction”), there just wasn’t enough time in the week -- or, more accurately, space on the DVR, for you. As for pretty much everyone else, here’s my thoughts, going in order of day of the week:

Monday - “How I Met Your Mother” with Alyson Hannigan (Willow)
I really like this show. Sure, we technically know how it ends (Ted doesn’t end up with Robin) but it’s still great to watch. Plus, we haven’t actually MET the mother yet (at least, we don’t think so) so that keeps us tuning in. As for Alyson, she’s great as Lily, Ted’s best friend’s fiancee. She has some very funny moments, and is very different from Willow (though in the series premiere, she wears an eye patch for part of it, which I’ll always be convinced is an homage to Xander). Oh, any mention of this show must at least mention Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the funniest character on TV today: Barney Stinson. I can’t fully capture him in words here. He must be seen to be believed. Oh, and special bonus points for bringing on Alexis Denisof (Wesley) and Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria) for guest spots. In fact, in the season finale, Alyson, Alexis and Amy were all in it -- though none of them shared a scene (Alyson and Alexis did have a scene together a few episodes earlier).

Monday - “Kitchen Confidential” with Nicholas Brendon (Xander)
Based on the ratings, I was one of about 13 people who liked this show. It was put on hiatus, brought back briefly, then completely cancelled. Still, I thought it was fast-paced, hip and entertaining. As for Nicholas though, his character, Seth, was one-dimensional and under-developed, and, as such, he faded completely into the background. It wasn’t all bad though -- the show did star Bradley Cooper (aka Will Tippin from “Alias”

Tuesday/Wednesday - “Bones” with David Boreanaz (Angel)
OK, now here’s a show I liked, and so did a lot of other people. Basically, this is a younger-skewing version of CSI, with (at least to me) much more interesting characters. And, hey, David learned how to act! Good for you, David. Seriously, he’s fantastic on the show, he’s shown a great range of emotions, and his backstory -- which has been hinted at, but never fully covered -- should make for some interesting episodes in the future. Also, can’t write about this without mentioning T.J. Thyne as Jack Hodgins, another great character introduced to us this TV season (and a little bit of trivia, T.J. played a Wolfram & Hart lawyer in three episodes of Season 5 of Angel).

Wednesday/Thursday - “Alias” with Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria)
I covered “Alias” above, but I had to mention the great recurring role of Amy Acker. Seeing lil’ old Fred as a completely evil character was at first a little disconcerting, but Amy did an incredible job. Plus, she got to do some real kick-ass fighting as Kelly Peyton (a great bitch name by the why) something she didn’t get to do much of on “Angel”.

Thursday - “Smallville” with James Marsters (Spike)
First, a confession: I never watched “Smallville” before this season, so a lot of the mythology of the show was a mystery to me. Still, I picked it up quickly and was able to focus on James’s great portrayal of Milton Fine/Brainiac. Still, this casting hurt my soul for one reason -- the episode “Thirst.” In that episode, a vampire sorority -- led by a girl named Buffy -- bites Lana and turns her into a vamp and tries to kill Clark. If that story isn’t depressing enough (again, the lead vampire was named Buffy) there’s a scene where Clark is visiting the bitten Chloe in the hospital and Fine comes to see them. Clark says to Fine that he thinks Chloe was bitten by a vampire and Fine (who, remember, is played by the same man who made Spike one of the most recognizable vampires in history) says to him “Clark, there’s no such thing as vampires.” I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or throw something through my TV. I settled for dying a little inside.

I’m sure there were other guest spots I missed (and I know I didn’t cover Seth Green’s NBC sitcom “Four Kings” but that’s really the best situation for everyone, sorry Seth). But that just about covers it. Oh, and it doesn’t look like anyone’s got anything new on tap next season, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.


Pooz, Geoff and I went to Wizard World Philadelphia Friday and we had a great time. I was thrilled with the day for two reasons. First off, I got to see the newest “Buffy” figures from Diamond Select Toys -- both the upcoming Xander/Cordy line and the just announced Faith/Giles line. Check out the pictures in my photo gallery. The second reason I was so excited was the original art I picked up. The two pictures at the top left of this entry are pages 21 and 22 of issue 2 of “Spider-Man: Blue” by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. To be more specific, they’re the original pencil art by Tim Sale, and now they’re owned by me. That’s right, I got them at the convention. You don’t need to know how much I paid for them, just know that they’re incredible. I almost didn’t buy them, since they were rather expensive, but the splash page of Mary Jane is my favorite page of comic art ever. Pooz put it best when he asked me, “can you leave here today knowing you could have had your favorite page and now you may never see it again?” He was right. If I didn’t buy those pages on Friday, there’s a good chance I never would have come across them again. Now, I have them forever (because I’m having them buried with me -- just kidding... or am I? No I am, but at least I have them as long as I want them.)

Hey, that’s it for longest entry ever. Maybe next time I won’t go three weeks between entries and the next one will be shorter.