My thoughts on "Lost"

First, let me say I wasn’t that thrilled with last night’s episode, at least until the scene pictured above. The episode was titled “3 Minutes” and it seems like that’s about as far as the plot was advanced, at least until the very end of the episode.

On the other hand, the last few weeks have been incredible. I’m so excited about this show. The story is engrossing and I actually care about the characters (well, most of them. At this point I’ve lost interest in Claire and her baby, which is disappointing, since they were a big part of Season 1).

If you haven’t been watching the show, I’m not going to try to explain it to you. What I will say is that I highly recommend picking up Season 1 on DVD, and downloading Season 2 on iTunes, before even attempting to watch next week’s season finale. You’ll just be so confused that it won’t be worth it.

As for what I think is going to happen in next week’s season finale, well it’s obvious... SPOILER ALERT (so if you still want to be surprised, then stop reading. Go check out my Buffy figures or something. Seriously, I won’t mind.)

Ok, where were we? Oh yeah. It’s obvious that Desmond is on the boat. Which means we’ll finally get answers about both the hatch and how the plane crashed. I’m subscribing to the “giant electromagnet” theory. My best guess is that on the day the plane crashed, Desmond didn’t press the button, activating the electromagnet and causing the plane to fall out of the sky. If you remember back to the first couple episodes of the season, Desmond asked if the world was still out there. Looking back on it, he bought into the hype of the button, and thought when he failed to press it, it caused some kind of apocalyptic event (the sound of the plane crashing probably added to that thought).

Now, as for whether we’ll get any other answers, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure the following questions won’t be answered in the finale:

• How did Locke end up paralyzed?
• Why was Libby in the mental institution with Hurley?
• Who is Libby? Really?
• What is the black smoke monster?
• Not a question so much, but I doubt any of the characters will find out about their pre-flight connections until well into season 3 (Jack-Sawyer, Locke-Hurley, Hurley-Jin, Hurley-Libby, Jack-Shannon, Jack-Claire, Locke-Sayid, etc.)

As for questions we could get answers to:

• Why did the plane crash?
• What does the button do? (and by extension, did Henry Gale press it or not?)
• Who are the others? Really?

Ok, that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to say next Wednesday.