Happy birthday to me...

Yeah, that’s right, check that date. It’s birthday time again. And I got some of the best presents I could ask for.

OK, so the only actual physical present I got is pictured above. Pooz and Sarah collaborated on an original drawing of Mary Jane Watson, which I’ve already hung in my living room, right above my TV. I couldn’t be ahppier with how it turned out, and it was a total surprise, which made it even more awesome.

On top of that, two other awesome things happened today -- first off, the Dawn/Glory “The Gift” two pack came out, and it’s also freakin’ awesome. I wasn’t expecting this until mid-June or so, but Buried Under had it today. Sure, I’ve already ordered one from Amazing Toyz, but now I can keep that one MOC, and maybe try to get it signed by Clare Kramer and Michelle Trachtenberg. I posted a full photo gallery (something I normally don’t do for an individual six-inch figure, but I had to do it for this one, since it’s from my favorite episode, and I love Glory).

In other news, the MacBook is out, and it too is freakin’ awesome (btw, if you hadn’t noticed, the theme of this post is “freakin’ awesome.” Deal with it.) I really want one, but I don’t NEED one right now, so I’ll hold off.

As for something I felt I needed, New Super Mario Brothers came out yesterday for the Nintendo DS. That was my birthday present to myself (well, that and Dawn & Glory). It might be the best video game I’ve played in years. First off, it’s simple, but not so much so that you feel unchallenged when you’re playing it. It’s got all the elements that made past Mario games great, and the new elements really add a nice touch (plus, the Mega Mushroom is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in a game).

In other “freakin’ awesome” news, there was an update to iWeb, which addressed a lot of my complaints about the initial release (at least so far... I haven’t actually hit the “publish” button yet). You’ll notice that comments have been added to my site, so we’ll see how that goes. Also, the blog entries now have a normal-looking background setup, because iWeb now lets you set a “browser background” in addition to a page background, so I’ve set the blog to have the aqua blue background filling the browser window, instead of just the entry. Sure, some of the tiling will look strange, but it’s much better than before.

OK, that’s all for now. Hopefully this will publish flawlessly, and I won’t have to take back my comments about iWeb.