Another day off

So I actually had an extra day off this week, because I requested one, because I had no desire to spend my birthday cleaning my house and doing laundry. So that’s going on today. Later, I’m having a birthday dinner with my family, and then I’m going shopping for a new bed -- a birthday gift from my parents.

I posted a better picture of the drawing Pooz and Sarah did for me. I would have scanned it, but my scanner only does 8.5x11, and it’s 11x14. Still, I think you get the idea of how awesome it is.

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that I got my ticket for Wizard World Philadelphia. Pooz, Geoff and I are going on Friday June 2nd, and I’ve already got a long list of Buffy-related stuff I want to pick up.

If you don’t regularly visit, you may want to head over there. I updated the “Internal Damnation” page with character bios for Jackson, Meadows and Carolyn, and later today, I’ll probably update my page with at least some other writings. I’ll probably also post the first chapter of my seemingly never-going-to-be-finished novel. Hopefully Pooz will be done drawing the first issue soon, so we can post it for your enjoyment.

I do also want to mention that I am going to comment on “Lost” (specifically the last few episodes) but I want to give it a dedicated post, so that will come later tonight. (I promise, really, I’ll update).

Oh, before I do wrap up this post, how ‘bout them Cavs?! It’s funny because during the first round I was at work watching the Pistons news conference. A couple of people were talking and one of them said something about the Pistons and how they were easily going to reach the finals. I said, without really thinking about it, “They’re losing in the second round.” The guy (and for the life of me, I can’t remember which one it was) thought about it and said “to the Cavs?” At this point, I realized what I’d actually said, but thought about it for another couple of seconds and said “yeah, they’re gonna lose to the Cavs in the second round.” Both of them looked at me kind of funny, but I said it with such confidence the second time. And now, here we are, one win away from this actually happening. Which would be freakin’ awesome.