Spike lives!

And so does Willow!
No, not the “Buffy” characters... the hard drives. Willow, my iBook’s hard drive, died a few weeks back, and then Spike, my 80 GB LaCie hard drive, died a few days later. It was some bad times for awhile. Fortunately, I didn’t lose any data, so it wasn’t so bad. Plus Pooz and Geoff came through with some spare drives, so I’m back up and running.
So, on that topic, I think it’s finally time to share the naming schemes of my devices. Back when I had PCs, I never changed the name of the hard drive, because, well, Windows doesn’t really like you doing that. When I got my first Mac though, I had to call it something more than just “Macintosh HD”. At the time, I was working for The Towerlight, and all our Macs there were named after Shakespearian characters (and our server was Shakespeare). My work computer was Lear (as in “King Lear”) so I named my TiBook “Cordelia” (how prophetic that would be), Lear’s only trustworthy daughter. That was in June of 2001. In January of ’02, I got my first iPod (the original 5 GB with the moving scroll wheel) and named it “Regan” (one of Lear’s other daughters). Then, that March, I got my Power Mac G4 and named it “Goneril”, the third daughter.
OK, see, then I graduated, so I moved on from Lear, and dropped that naming scheme. In fact, I changed it to “Charmed” with my TiBook becoming “Piper” my iPod becoming “Phoebe” and my tower becoming “Prue”. When I added an extra internal hard drive to my tower, it was “Paige”. Then I got more computers, and more iPods and more hard drives, and they got names like “Cole” “Darryl Morris” “Leo” “Patty” and so on. I actually almost didn’t sell my TiBook, just because ti was “Piper” who was my favorite character on the show.
Then, when I got into “Buffy”, I decided to change the naming scheme again, in part because I liked “Buffy” more than “Charmed” and because the main cast of characters is bigger, giving me more to draw on. So here’s the lineup as it stands right now:
Power Mac G5 - Buffy Summers
iBook G4 - Willow Rosenberg
Power Mac G4 - Xander Harris
Power Mac G4 Cube - Rupert Giles
400 GB LaCie FW HD - Angel
80 GB LaCie FW HD - Spike
250 GB FW HD - Dawn Summers
120 GB ATA HD - Tara McClay
30 GB ATA HD - Anya Jenkins
80 GB FW HD - Riley Finn
60 GB iPod 5G - Faith Lehane
4 GB iPod nano - Darla
40 GB iPod 4G - Drusilla
20 GB iPod 4G w/ color- Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
10 GB iPod 3G - Cordelia Chase
4 GB iPod mini - Daniel “Oz” Osbourne
AirPort Network - Sunnydale
AirTunes - The Bronze
Cordelia Chase had been my iMac G3, but I sold it (I had no need for 5 computers). I managed to pick up an old 3G iPod though, so she’s back in the lineup.
Well, that’s it for now (if you’ve read this far, I’m impressed). I might have more later.