Falling behind...

OK, I know I’m falling behind on updating my blog, and my website in general, but I have a good reason. Well, a few actually. First off, I’ve been working about 60 hours a week, between my two jobs, so generally, when I’m not working, I’m sleeping.

On a more technical level, my iWeb Domain file became corrupted, so I had to rebuild much of my web site. The corruption actually stemmed from some bad files in my iPhoto library, which is why the photo gallery had to be completely rebuilt, and the jerseys section is still sparse (I’ll fix that over the next few days, I promise).

I did get both my Slayer’s Scythe and my Vampire Spike Bust this week, and pictures of them have been added to the Buffy Collection section. I hope to get the Becoming Buffy bust soon, to add to that. Also, sometime in the next couple weeks, I hope to update both my condo photo gallery and my Displaying My Buffy Collection page.

Other updates coming soon: My thoughts on the TV appearances of former “Buffy” and “Angel” stars this season, and my official NCAA Tournament picks for 2006 (last year I picked UNC to win, as Marco’s $1 can attest to, so go me!).

One last note before I attempt to hit publish in iWeb and hope for the best: I am planning to go to Chicago this summer for both Slay-a-Thon and Wizard World Chicago. However, there are six days between the events. Any suggestions as to what to do in Chicago (besides baseball games, I know that already) would be appreciated.