Working overtime...

So, in addition to working some OT at the new job, I’m now back at Apple working part time, to help supplement my income. I need the money mostly for gas, sadly, since I have to fill up pretty much every 4 days when I’m working.
I also need the extra money to buy things like that statue pictured to the left. At this week’s Toy Fair, Sideshow introduced a “Premium Format” Buffy. In addition to being 18 inches tall, it’s fully sculpted, which means no unsightly joints like that in Sideshow’s “Prophecy Girl Buffy”.
I’m also excited to announce that the page for Black Ops Comics and Internal Damnation is up, and well in advance of my prediction of “December.” Sure, the content is sparse at this point, but we’re working on that. Eventually the first issue will be up there, along with character descriptions. I’m also going to try to fill in my “Other Writings” section, as soon as I can track down my backup from when had that section.
Oh, I’m also going to try and track down some of my stuff from, because I want to see what I wrote about Darko Milicic. Now that he’s been traded, after being one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history, it’d be interesting to reminisce on what I thought he’d be back then.