Jordans and more

OK, I may have been a little premature in calling the Air Jordan XXI the best sneaker ever yesterday. Not because they’re not awesome (oh, they’re very awesome. I actually wore them outside my apartment today and no fewer than three people asked me about them), but because I forgot about two other shoes I love.

First off is the Air Jordan 11 (pictured at top left), which is just amazing. Seriously. God, I want a pair of these. Shit, if Nike re-released them and charged $250 for them, I still think I’d buy them. Just look at them. They’re beautiful. Why did Nike stop making shoes like these (did you see the Zoom LeBron Ones? Total garbage).

The other shoe I really love is the Nike Air Force One. I have a pair of the 20th Anniversary Editions, which are white with navy blue accents and a “20th” logo. I still want to track down a pair of White-on-Whites, and then maybe a second pair to get dyed (Cavs colors, of course).

OK, moving on from shoes, has this new feature that may be the best thing ever. It’s the NBA Trade Machine. A few years ago, anyone could suggest some stupid NBA trade and call it “rumored” but then some expert would point out that the fake trade didn’t work under the cap. Well, now you can use this to come up with all kinds of crazy trades, and make sure they work under all sorts of NBA rules. For example, check this one out:

The Lakers send Lamar Odom and Chris Mihm to New York, which sends Channing Frye and Anfernee Hardaway (and his expiring contract) to Minnesota, which sends Kevin Garnett to LA. OK, sure, this would never happen (because, hey, why would Isiah Thomas want a talented player like Lamar Odom, when he can get a ballhog like Steve Francis), but the Trade Machine says it works (oh, and BTW, if this happens, I’m asking for my own column on, where I make stuff up and hope it comes true).

Also, I’m going to try to keep updating this site a little more regularly than every few weeks. Probably not daily, since I don’t do stuff worth writing about every day. Oh, and I’ll try posting more pictures, once I get my camera back from Sarah (long story, once which I’ll post once I have my camera back.