Iguodala got robbed

OK, watching the dunk contest at work last night, two things came to me.
  • They need to fix the dunk contest. People shouldn’t get more than 2 attempts to make a dunk.
  • Andre Iguodala got robbed. His behind the backboard dunk was the best dunk since Vince Carter’s series of dunks in 2000. Ok, just check the picture above. Look at where his head is. He got under the backboard, then got the ball back up and in. It was crazy.
As for today’s All-Star Game, I couldn’t care less. Sadly the event I was most excited about today was the Olympics Ice Dancing. Yeah, that’s right, you read that. Ice Dancing. Have you seen Tanith Belbin? Wow. And besides, it’s actually a very beautiful exhibition (I refuse to call it a sport, on the grounds that it fails to meet my “competitors decide the outcome” rule.

As for tomorrow, I’m back at Apple for another day, which means I’ll be stuck following the Ice Dancing finals online. Still, they’ve been added to my DVR, so I’ll watch on tape delay with the rest of America (yes, I’m a sad loser, you don’t need to tell me. Once this is done, I’ll be back to watching basketball and counting down the days to the NFL Draft -- 68 days and counting!)