Air Jordan XXI - Best Shoe Ever?

OK, so I don’t normally write on back-to-back days (especially when I worked full shifts on each of them), but I had to post this. I just bought the Air Jordan XXI from FootAction and they may be the best shoes ever. Seriously. You know how when you put on a pair of sneakers in the store to try them on, and you know they’re going to be very comfortable. Well, the XXIs skip right past that. You put them on and they’re immediately very comfortable.

As I wrote to Pooz in an IM, “It’s like if Jesus himself made a shoe, then put lots of of logos on it, and charged $175 for it.” Plus, in addition to the comfort, these might be the best looking Jordans since the 13s (they didn’t start using Roman Numerals until the XIVs, aka the “Ferarri” Jordans). BTW, check the video below from Nike’s website. It’s like shoe porn.