Time for some ramblings

This is one of those entries where I don't cover one specific topic, but jump from idea to idea, because I've got a bunch of them kicking around my head. So enjoy...

• First up, following up from yesterday, the Marlins finally pulled the trigger on the Juan Pierre-to-the-Cubs deal, meaning the caliber of player Florida is giving up in 2005, on average, is now younger and better than the average player dumped in 1997. Still, the big difference is in pitching, though this year the Marlins are letting a lot of pitching walk via free agency. Of course, the Pierre deal is significant, since the Marlins actually picked up a player with Major League experience (RHP Sergio Mitre). As I pointed out yesterday, most of the players Florida picked up in '97 never played for the team. Marlins fans (the few that are left) have to be hoping that's not the case again.

• I've had the song "Mandy" by Barry Manilow stuck in my head for like four days now. I've tried everything to get it out of there, short of replacing it with an even more annoying song. I mean, I like "Mandy" but it's not a song I want to be randomly hearing as I'm fixing someone's iPod. Unless it's on their iPod. In which case, hearing it probably means the iPod is working. But still, you get my point.

• I'm almost done Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Yule/Three Kings' Day/Festivus shopping. Which means if you wanted something, and didn't tell me, you're probably not getting it. On the other hand, if you're not done shopping, and you want to get me something, here's an idea, size 3X.

• Yes, the above is "Buffy"-related. So is this note. I finally got around to ordering my "Fool for Love" w/ Leather Jacket Spike figure. I ended up getting it from BCC, because I couldn't find $70 worth of stuff I wanted from DST. With BCC, I had to lay out for a $100 gift certificate, but now I have that to use for future purchases (I'll probably end up pre-ordering the Season 3 PALz set soon). I did get my "Life of the Party" Lornes, one of which I opened (pictured) and one of which I kept Mint-in-Box to preserve the autograph. I may also buy the "Welcome to the Hellmouth" Darla signed by Julie Benz, since it would go nicely with the new Lorne.

•Also, the Xander and Cordy variants were announced. I'm psyched about Cordy ("You're Welcome" and Pylean Princess). Xander, not so much. Sure, "Chosen" Xander with the eye patch is gonna be awesome (plus, it gives us a nice "Chosen" core, with Buffy coming in January and Willow already available) and Vampire Xander nearly completes "The Wish" (Cordy was announced earlier, Vamp Willow and Anyanka are already available. A "The Wish" Buffy, with battle scars, would be nice, but not likely). But "Ice Cream Man" Xander? "Undercover Initiative" Xander? Who cares? Where's "Hell's Bells" Xander? "OMWF" Pajamas Xander? I'd really like to see a "The Replacement" Xander, with "cool Xander" and "lame Xander" variants. It could even be a two-pack. I know I'd buy it (then again, I buy all of them, so that's not really important).

• Oh, back to sports. If you haven't see the Reggie Bush high school highlight film that's on ESPN.com, check it out now. In fact, here's a link. Just click the video titled "Reggie Bush: It is 619 all the Time". It's amazing what this kid can do. Some NFL team is going to be very lucky to get him. Oh, and if he doesn't win the Heisman, it's going to be a robbery (and not a Ray Lewis not winning the MVP type of robbery... yeah, that's right, I made a Ray Lewis reference. DJ isn't the only SportsPickle.com employee that hates Ray-Ray). I've been touting Bush for the Heisman since late September, though for awhile I was convinced that Vince Young WOULD win, even if Bush SHOULD win. Now I'm pretty sure Bush, based on his last two games, will take home the hardware.

• "King Kong" comes out next week. We're going to try to get a group together to go. If you're interested, let me or Pooz know, and we'll iron out the details. We're good like that.

• Speaking of me and Pooz, we're also working together on an original comic book. I'm doing the writing, Pooz is doing the drawing. Hopefully, we'll have something to share with you guys soon. I know I've got six scripts done, but the writing phase goes a lot faster than the drawing phase, so be patient with us. Oh, and trust me, this will be better than our Black Ops web comic idea that never got off the ground.