Big News

OK, so I have some really big news. After three-and-a-half years, I'm leaving my position at Apple and taking a new job. My last day at the Apple Store Westfarms will be in just a couple weeks, and I'll be starting the new job on Jan. 3. I'm a little nervous, since it's not just a job change, but a total career change. Still, it's what I've always wanted to do, so it should be fun.

A lot of people have actually asked me if I plan on moving. At this point, the answer to that is no, because the commute is really only about another 10 miles, which means even in rush hour, its only about 15 minutes longer to drive to my new job, compared to my old job.

As for other stuff that's going on in my life, the news is still pretty big. My mom is down in Florida, and has been for awhile now, helping my grandmother recover from an infection related to her latest knee replacement surgery. We're hoping for the best for her, and she's been in my thoughts every night. Right now, my dad is in Mass. on vacation, while my sister just had a job interview in New York, so its been a busy few weeks for everyone.

I did manage to get some time to go see "King Kong," which was a fantastic movie. The big fight scene with Kong and the dinosaurs is just fantastic, allowing you to completely suspend disbelief in the CGI. Sure, there are some slow parts, particularly in the build-up to the island scenes, but it's worth the wait. By the end, you've completely forgotten that the movie was three hours long.

In Buffy-related news (what, you thought there wouldn't be a Buffy update here?) I finally got my Vampyr replica book and my "Fool for Love" Spike w/ Leather Jacket (both through the Buffy Collector Club, if you were wondering. I've got a nice album of pictures of the book below. This is just an awesome prop replica, and it's actually functional. Right now, I'm storing my Buffy and Angel comics inside of it, but that'll probably change soon, since it's already almost full.

Oh, speaking of comics, I got the first issue of "Angel: Old Friends." It's everything that "Angel: The Curse" wasn't. It's well-written, interesting, and fast-paced. Plus, it's got Gunn and Spike, and that's just in the first issue. Hopefully we'll get Illyria and Lorne at some point, and maybe even some other of our favorite characters. They owe us after the cliffhanger series ending and the completely answer-less "The Curse."

Oh, last but not least, Happy 22nd Birthday Marcy!