Online Quizzes

OK, so you know those online quizzes you can find at various websites. The ones that are like "which one of these are you?" Well, back in May I did a bunch of them, but never actually got around to putting them up on my website. Well, now I'm doing the "getting around to putting them up on my website" part. Below are a bunch of these quiz results for me. Oh, and there is Buffy-related material in here. I'm sorry. I'm really, really obsessed. I have a problem and I need help (and that's the first step, right? Acknowledging the problem, right? Of course, for me, it'll also be the last step, but still, it's a step.).

As for my thoughts on the results, I think the most appropriate one is the one from "She's Crafty" where I got Willow as my Buffy character. Red hair, interested in witchcraft, interested in girls. Totally fits. (Save for the part where I'm not a girl, but still, at least of all the girls who were possible results, I got the red-haired lesbian, so I got that going for me, which is nice).

My #1 result for the selector, Buffy the Vampire Character Selector 2, is Buffy
My top result for the selector, which buffy man are you?, is Xander
My #1 result for the selector, ~*~Which Charmed Character Are You?~*~, is Cole Turner

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