I’m back... for now

OK, so I haven't updated in awhile (almost two months) but I'm going to try to post some updates in the next couple days.

First off, I don't think I've quite made it clear how much my obsession with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has grown. A few months ago, I listed a small set of figures I wanted to get. Well, I actually ended up getting all of them. No, not all of the ones I listed. ALL of them. Every single six-inch figure ever released. All the classic ones by Moore Action Collectibles and all the current ones by Diamond Select Toys. They rule. I have to send a big shoutout to BuffyCollector.com for their pages detailing all the figures, making it much easier for me to find them. Also, thanks to BuffyCollectorClub.com for the great pre-order discounts and CineQuest.com for the awesome classic figures I got at Wizard World (check the photo page for that).

And of course, once I completed the collection, Diamond Select Toys released two new limited edition figures. "Life of the Party" Lorne is already on its way. I actually bought two of them, because they're signed. I'm gonna open and display one and keep one sealed. I still haven't ordered "Fool for Love" Spike with Leather Jacket. I'm debating whether to get it from BCC (free with $100 gift certificate) or DST (free with $70 of purchases). The problem is with DST, all the stuff they sell, I already have.

OK, so enough about "Buffy" (for now, it'll get its own post tomorrow). On Pooz's advice, I traded in my PSP for a Nintendo DS. I realized I hadn't picked up my PSP since Wizard World, and with the new iPod with video I no longer needed the PSP to watch video (oh yeah, I got an iPod with video. It's the greatest thing ever. I've already loaded it with tons of video. It doesn't leave my side. Nor does my iPod nano, which also rules). I also got Mario Kart DS, which, after two days, I'm willing to declare the greatest game ever already. Mario Kart has always been an awesome game, for any platform, and now it's easily in its best portable form ever. And it actually makes cool use of the dual screens, because you can always keep an eye on your opponents. But really, it comes down to Wi-Fi play. Pooz and I raced against each other last night over the internet. I don't know why this excites me so much -- I never cared about online play for Madden for PS2 and wasn't a big fan of Xbox Live for the two months I had it. I guess it's the combination of the coolness of Mario Kart and the playing against my friends that makes me like it so much.

One last thing for tonight: It's the holiday season, which means it's time for the giving and receiving of gifts. If you're looking to buy me anything (and don't really feel any need to, because I'm probably not getting anything for you), I'm gonna post a list soon. Really, though, I'm just looking for stuff for my condo. Being a homeowner is more expensive than I ever could have imagined, but it's also a great thing. I'd love to eventually fix up some parts (bedroom closet, bathroom, kitchen appliances) but I have to remember to take it slow. I own this place. It's not like I'm moving anytime soon.

OK, well that's it for tonight. I'm going to try to post some updates tomorrow. I'd like to finally post about my favorite "Buffy" episodes (I might even do a personal top-10 list) and about my thoughts on the world of sports.