Quickie Update

I wanted to get a full update done sometime this week, but obviously I failed. Still, I want to get my NFL picks up for the week:

TITANS over Ravens
Lions over BEARS
COLTS over Jaguars
BENGALS over Vikings
Patriots over PANTHERS
Steelers over TEXANS
EAGLES over 49ers
Falcons over SEAHAWKS
PACKERS over Browns
JETS over Dolphins
Chargers over BRONCOS
RAIDERS over Chiefs
SAINTS over Giants
COWBOYS over Redskins

I'd love to believe the Redskins can win Monday night, but the QB situation is just ridiculous, and their defense can only do so much.

BTW, last week I was 8-7, so don't use these picks for betting action, because you probably won't come out ahead.

I'll try to have a more complete update tonight, but if not, I'll get one done on Tuesday, when I'm off from work.