It’s Football Time!

OK, so finally, after what seems like forever, it's opening Sunday in the NFL. Sure, the Thursday kickoff game is nice, but it's not the same as sitting in front of a TV with the NFL on from 11:00 a.m. (ESPN NFL Countdown) until 11:00 p.m. (the end of the Sunday night game). Later in this post, I'll have my NFL picks for this week.

In fantasy football, my Teeny Boppers team is off to a good start with a great opening game from Corey Dillon. I need it though, because I don't have Antonio Gates today, due to his suspension (stupid contract holdout). My Black Ops team - the one I have big hopes for - got a mediocre game from both Jerry Porter and Lamont Jordan, though Jordan was on the bench, behind Tomlinson and Portis.

I watched the Texas-Ohio State game last night, and I was rooting for Texas. I still harbor ill will toward Ohio State for its defeat of Miami in the national championship game a few years back. That pass interference call was total bullshit. Of course, watching the game last night reminded me that, even though I'm a much bigger NFL fan than college fan, I can enjoy a good football game on any level.

I can also enjoy a good TV show. I watched the first two discs of season one of "Lost" yesterday, and I'm amazed how deep that show is. There are so many connections between the main 14 characters that haven't even been explored yet. I'm very excited for season two. I'm less excited for season five of "Alias," which looks like it's going to be very different from the first four seasons, and probably the last season as well. Speaking of shows that went in a weird direction, then got cancelled, in the fifth season, I finished watching "Angel" yesterday. I wasn't too happy with the fifth season, but I loved the last two episodes. I really wish they'd done a sixth season. Then again, with the way it ended, I can pretend Gunn survived and Lorne came back and they found a way to separate Illyria from Fred and everyone was happy (well, except for Wes, who's clearly dead).

I'm also still on my big collectible kick - I picked up Prophecy Girl Buffy and Willow (non-variant model) from Series 1, Dark Witch Willow from Series 5 and some Angel stuff as well - including my first ever Cordelia figure, the SDCC short-hair variant. Plus, my first Xander figure is on its way, having been shipped last week.

OK, enough Buffy news for now. Back to the NFL. Pooz is coming over today and we're going to watch some games, then we may make a cameo appearance at Brewer's party. For now though, let me give you my picks for this week (home teams in BOLD):

REDSKINS over Bears
Bengals over BROWNS
Broncos over DOLPHINS
BILLS over Texans
PANTHERS over Saints
Jets over CHIEFS
JAGUARS over Seahawks
VIKINGS over Bucs
STEELERS over Titans
Cardinals over GIANTS
CHARGERS over Cowboys
LIONS over Packers
Rams over 49ERS
Colts over RAVENS
FALCONS over Eagles

OK, that's all of them. We'll find out how I did on Tuesday. Until then, are you ready for some football?