Hey, I’m back, in an all new form

OK, so I sat down on Friday on this three-day weekend I have here and decided I wanted to accomplish three things:

Finish setting up my basement
Finish my novel
Update my Web site

Guess which one I didn't do (at least as of yet). Well, since you're reading this, that obviously eliminates one choice. So it's either novel or basement. OK, It's novel. Though there is still time left today, and I have made some progress, really there's no way I'm going to get done. The end really is the hardest part.

Still, I am having fun in the new condo, which, if you haven't seen yet, you can get a glimpse of my hopping over to the photo album section and viewing the iPhoto page. I may even take some pictures of the basement today and post those as well.

If you have still been coming to the web site, even in this three month hiatus, you probably noticed that the webcam went down last month and hasn't been back up since. That's because right now, I don't actually have a dedicated webcam, just the iSight hooked up to my main computer. At some point, I may think about moving the camera so I can once again have a live feed into my house, but it's not a priority right now.

As for what I've been up to lately, well, aside from buying the condo, it's really been more of the same. I've bought more DVDs, listened to more music in iTunes and downloaded more Desktop Girls (though for now, under this new forum, the DGOW is no more, until I can figure out a new way to do it). Of course, once of the nicest things about having my own place now is that I was finally able to unbox all the Buffy figures I've obtained over the last few months, and I have them displayed nicely in my living room. My collection is already at 27, plus another 21 if you count all the PALz (mini lego-like figures from Palisades Toys). I'm still looking to expand the collection and I've already got my next targets:

Hell's Bells Anya - the figure based on the Season 6 Wedding episode is arguably the best looking of the Anya figures...

OMWF Anya - ... arguably, because this one is pretty close.

Judgement Lorne - I need a Lorne figure to complete the Angel collection, and this one will do nicely

Bad Girls Wesley - To go with my Bad Girls Faith Deluxe Figure

PALz Monster pack - I need to keep up the PALz collection, since I have all of them so far (not counting convention exclusives)

PALz Gentleman - I'd want these even if I wasn't collecting all the PALz, because they're so cool.

Cordelia - Really any of them but the Pylean variant will do. I somehow managed to end up with four Willows, three Anyas, two Taras, two Darlas and two Drusillas but no Cordy

Xander - there's only been one (with a chase variant) so at some point I'm just gonna have to bite the eBay bullet to grab one, because the cast isn't complete without Xander.

I may have a chance to pick some of these up when Pooz, Moore and I head up to Wizard World Boston at the end of September. I've never been to one of these before, so it should be a pretty cool experience. Plus, Robia LaMorte (Jenny Calender) and Iyari Limon (Kennedy) will both be there at the CineQuest.com booth, so I'll actually have something Buffy-related to hold my interest.

Oh, as for the new look for the web site, I'm trying out a new piece of software called Blog.Mac. I really wanted to go with something that would make updating the site a little easier, and this seems to be the solution so far. Right now it's just shareware, so I'm going to have to try and see if I like it before committing to it. If I decide to switch to something else, the site will probably change in terms of looks again.