One year later...

No, the headline isn't in reference to the time between posts (that's only three weeks) but rather to the time I've been updating this site. Sure, it hasn't always been frequently updated, but it is still here, and I am still posting stuff.

Today is my 25th birthday, which means technically as of tonight, we're into "Adam Reisinger, Year 26." Still, I'm leaving the header as is for now, since I like how it looks and I lost the original Photoshop file, so I can't just change the 5 to a 6 (though I could go in there and add a +1, but that would look extra lame).

I'm once again doing the "quick update" thing with the promise of a bigger update later. Given my track record of late, that bigger update may or may not come, or when it does it might be scaled down. Who knows. Still, I've got a lot to cover, and I'd like to get some of it posted today. For those interested, later topics may include "Buffy," The Towerlight reunion, future living arrangements, plans to see "Episode III," some stuff from the world of sports (NBA and others) and the party.

Actually, let me get to that last one now. We are having a birthday party here on May 22 at about 7 p.m. (basically after the store closes on Sunday). You are all obviously invited. If you need directions just e-mail me. Don't feel obligated to bring a gift, though if you'd like to, the birthday wish list is still up (and has been updated). If you do want to get me something, and it's mail order, don't worry about when it arrives (hell, I didn't get my birthday gift from my parents last year - the NES Classic GBA - until early June, because that's when it was released).

I've already posted new DGOW and Versus, so check those out (Angelina Jolie did manage to fend off Sarah Michelle Gellar in the last poll for those who care). Also, pretty much everything else down the left-hand side has been updated (except the Black Ops Standings, which are kept at work, so I'll get those when I go in tomorrow).