Where’d the blog go...

OK, I really had no intention of disappearing from this site for a month (actually, a month and one day to be specific), but I guess I did. I'd actually been doing pretty well too, with regular updates from January through most of March. Then the NCAA tournament started and I stopped (though the two aren't really related, as I watched less of the NCAAs this year than any other year in recent memory).

As it is, I'm back, and I'm going to try to post more updates in the next few days to catch up on things. I'd like to post a whole bunch right now, but I'm pretty tired (I worked the closing shift tonight) and I'm probably going to go to sleep soon. Tomorrow I'll have some updates to the figures pages (I got the new Shaq from McFarlane, plus some Buffy-related stuff) and I may even take apartment photos, given that things actually look somewhat decent in here right now.

For now there is a new DGOW and new Versus polls. I didn't intend to give Mariah Carey the DGOW just because she's going up against Lindsay Lohan in the poll, it just kind of worked out that way (really, Carey is the DGOW in honor of her new album, which I'll probably end up getting, because I get all of her stuff, with the notable exception of "Glitter," which I never saw).

Also, there's less than a month left until my birthday (as the fancy scoreboard-style countdown on the right-hand side should be indicating), and I've actually posted a birthday wish list page. Unlike last year, when I tried to let my birthday pass with as little fanfare as possible, I'm leaning toward having a party this year, probably on the 21st, since I'll likely be in Towson the weekend before that, for the Towerlight Alumni reunion.

Oh, and for those of you that have been anxiously awaiting an update, to tie up a loose end from my last entry, the PSP is freakin' awesome. I ended up getting a 512 MB card for it, and I've got PSPWare to manage my videos (since I throw things on and off it fairly regularly). I was playing NFSU:R for a long time, but now I'm really into NFL Street. I'm going through the NFL Gauntlet as the Steelers, who have a great roster for the game (versatile players, multiple people with decent throwing and running skills). I haven't even opened Ridge Racer yet, even though it's probably the best game I own. I just know as soon as I start playing it, nothing else is making it into the PSP for awhile. Though, honestly, I'll probably crack it open this week.