Still not the full update...

Well, I am back for a second consecutive day, and I did manage to get some of the stuff done that I wanted to. Both the figures page and the apartment photos page are updated, just like I promised. And the apartment actually looks pretty good, as I spent some time cleaning today. I still have some more cleaning to do, but I figured it was in good enough shape to post photos.

In between my cleaning (and my trip to Walmart to get the flowers you see on the apartment pictures page, assuming you go there) I watched the first disc of season seven of Buffy. I can't believe I'm almost done with the entire series. I really do have to finish watching the last three episodes of season one of "Angel" and then probably at least rent season two from Netflix. Of course, if anyone wants to buy me seasons of "Angel," I wouldn't return them.

The plans for the week around my birthday are starting to get firmed up. I'm probably going to go visit Phil in New York on that Saturday, and we'll go to the Mets-Cardinals game. Then on Sunday I'll continue down to Maryland, where I'll attend the Towerlight reunion. I may request the next two days off as vacation days, though I'm still not 100 percent sure on that one (that's why I said the plans "are starting to get firmed up" and not "my plans are set in stone.")

The NFL draft is the weekend and conviniently I do have the weekend off. I won't be running any sort of live draft diary (like I've done for the NBA draft in the past or for the Super Bowl) but I'll post updates throughout the day with my thoughts. Oh, and an early thought, I'd really like the Redskins to do whatever it takes to get Antrell Rolle, but he'll probably be gone by the time they pick.

Also, don't forget, Tiger comes out on April 29. Don't forget to come to the store between 6 p.m. and midnight for our totally awesome event. If it's anything like Panther or Jaguar night, it should be a blast (and for those that remember, Jaguar night was the first time I worked in the store. Go me!).