Change of plans...

So, after I stopped watching the draft, I was gonna watch the NBA playoffs. That lasted all of, oh, five minutes or so, which was insanely boring. It was the first quarter of the first game of the first round. In other words, a regular season vibe to it. So I picked up where I left off in "Buffy: Chaos Bleeds," which is a totally awesome game. I'm on the last level now, which I should finish up next week, when I have a day off.

Oh yeah, as for those days off, I don't have another one until Monday, so that's all kinds of ultra-sucky. At least I'm closing for the next couple days, so I can sleep in a little bit. I've been watching so much Buffy and playing the game, and I think it's causing some of the weird dreams I'm having. Actually, I'm almost certain it is. Because of the weirdness, my sleep time has been cut drastically down. I think some meditation should help, but I need to find the time.

I got my car tinted on Friday and it looks really good (I'll post some pictures soon). Plus, today I got my triquetra and Buffy decals, which look really cool against the black tints (they're both white, so the contrast is awesome). I think I'm done with window decals, but I'm probably going to get some side vinyls eventually (I found some nice two-tone flames on Sticker City that I may get, once I have some money).

New DGOW and Versus polls this week (we're into the Sweet 16 now, if you're keeping track).