Update coming soon...

OK, this is just a quickie update before the real big update tomorrow. Just a few things to hit:

•I filled out an official NCAA tournament bracket on ESPN.com. You can view my picks here. Yes, I chose Illinois over UConn, which is different from the bracket I filled out today (which has UNC beating Illinois). I'm still not sure about that. I just haven't been following college basketball that closely this year.

•I'm going down to Maryland/DC next weekend to visit Eric and Jess, and I'll probably stop in at The Towerlight at some point. I was actually reading through old Towerlight e-mails and it really made me miss that environment. I loved working there.

•Picked up season six of Buffy and I'm going to start watching that as soon as I'm done with season one of Angel (which is starting to grow on me).

•No new DGOW or Versus polls this week, though I'll try to have those up next Monday. Tuesday at the latest.