Slow week...

Not a surprise given that I've worked every day since last Monday, but I haven't really been up to a whole lot lately. Mostly working and watching DVDs. I'm almost done with Season 5 of "Buffy" and then I'm finally going to watch the first season of "Angel," which Kate loaned to me what seems like forever ago. Maybe I'll finally learn what happened to tie up plot lines like the ring that allowed vampires to walk in the daytime and what happened to Faith and stuff like that, which was supposedly resolved on "Angel."

Oh, I did get to go have breakfast with my mom yesterday, which was nice. We got to talk about stuff and spend some time together, which we don't always get to do with our weird work schedules.

I also visited Shawn at EB today and traded in some games, then paid the remaining balance on my PSP. Plus, I also paid for the three games I want to pick up (NBA Street, NFL Street and Need for Speed) so that way on the 24th I'll be completely ready to go. Now I just need the 24th to get here sooner. On a positive note, I have that weekend off, so I'll be able to log plenty of game time if I choose to do so.

I should mention to follow up on something from a couple weeks ago that has now added a "single-page view" link to stories that span over multiple pages. Still, an even better feature would be a cookies-based system by which you could set a preference to default to single-page view. Even if it were an Insider-only option, it'd be a step in the right direction (plus, I'm an Insider member, so I'm always a fan of free features).

There's been another tie in the Versus contest, so Nikki Cox vs. Elle MacPherson gets another week of play, while Britney Spears won in a clean sweep over Gwen Stefani. Ali Landry vs. Liv Tyler is this week's new poll, and hopefully next week we'll have two new ones to round out the second round (moving us into the Sweet 16). For those of you who haven't been keeping track, the 12 people in the Sweet 16 thus far are: Angelina Jolie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kiera Knightly, Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Eliza Dushku, Holly Marie Combs, Jessica Simpson, Shania Twain, Beyoncé Knowles and Britney Spears. I've got to say, I'm surprised Knightly and Combs made it this far (though to be fair, Combs did end up with favorable matchups against Melissa Joan Hart and Catherine Bell. Still, Knightly beat Salma Hayek in the last round, so kudos to her).