The madness begins...

So the rotating schedule worked out so I have today off, which is nice because I plan on enjoying the first day of the NCAA tournament greatly.

So far, WFSB-HD has been having its fair share of technical difficulties, which is making things a little more annoying, but I have been able to catch the majority of the UW-Milwaukee vs. Alabama game, in which Alabama was being run out of the building early, before making a run late in the first half. It's now an eight-point edge for UW-M, as of this writing.

The surround sound mix on the HD broadcast has been amazing. You can hear the crowd and cheerleaders distinctly from the announcers and game action, and when someone dunks, you really feel the rattling of the rim through the subwoofer. I'm a fan.

Before basketball started today, I got through a couple more "Angel" episodes (actually, just one, though I watched three last night before going to sleep). I'm right up to the one where Faith makes her first appearance on the show, which should be interesting.

Right now, though, it's all about basketball. During the afternoon break later today, I'll probably run over to EB and pick up "Need for Speed Underground: Rivals" for PSP, which came out this week, despite the system not being out until next week. I can't wait for that system. It's gonna be awesome. Of course, now I need to get a 1 GB Memory Stick, which seems to be out of stock everywhere.

Oh, I have just about finalized my plans for next weekend. I'm going down to see DJ on Friday afternoon, before continuing on to Eric's place Friday night. After that, I'll be hanging out with Eric and Jess Saturday and Sunday (well, at least the non-Easter part of Sunday), then stopping at The Towerlight on Monday before getting back to Connecticut. Then I'll work for the next five days. D'oh. Still, it'll be worth it, since I end up with a four-day weekend without even having to use a vacation day.

That's it for now, but I'll have another update later today, because I want to talk about my favorite "Buffy" episode through the first five seasons.