Super Bowl XXXIX running diary...

So, after spending most of the day playing "Need for Speed Underground 2" I'm finally ready for Super Bowl XXXIX. I'm here in my Sean Landeta authentic Eagles jersey watching the retardedness that is the Fox pregame show, just waiting for kickoff. Once the game is actually the focus, I'll have a running diary going here, with my thoughts on the game, the commercials, and more.

10:15 - And now it's really over. That makes three Super Bowls in four years, all by three points. And I'm sure Brady's gonna get another MVP. This is getting boring. I hope the 'Skins win next year. Or the Steelers. Or anyone but the Patriots. Oh, and "The Simpsons" and "American Dad" better be funny.

10:13 - Wow, the Eagles messed that up. They really should've had someone back to fair catch the punt. That cost them 10 yards.

10:12 - I doubt it's gonna happen, but how awesome would an OT Super Bowl be? Still, I'm not getting my hopes up.

10:07 - Ballgame.

10:03 - OK, the Eagles took care of the first half of making it interesting. Now they need to get the onside kick.Without that, it's over.

9:59 - Two minute warning. This thing is pretty much over. I'm sure the Eagles will do their best to make it interesting, but unless they can recover the onside kick after scoring, it'll be a waste of time.

9:57 - Oh my God, Freddie Mitchell caught a pass. Then Westbrook dropped one. So it all evens out.

9:56 - OK, the Eagles are just about done. Give it a couple more plays to become official.

9:53 - Someone just text messaged me. I'll get up to get it as soon as there's a commercial or another break in the action.

9:49 - OK, clearly things have gone awry in the Lincoln Fry auction. It's up to $99,999,999,999,999.98. I don't think anyone's really paying that for a fry. Especially not a fake one. Oh, and the Eagles need help.

9:46 - And there goes that plan. What the hell was McNabb doing there? Stupid Syracuse loser.

9:45 - Before this last play, Pooz said "If the Eagles are gonna win this game, TO has to score a touchdown." Then TO catches a pass for like 40 yards. Good call.

9:43 - OK, the webcam fell down for the 37th time tonight. We're done putting it back on top of the TV.

9:39 - It took three times for the ad to air before I remembered who it was for. I actually thought it was for That doesn't bode well for them.

9:34 - OK, can Deion Branch win Super Bowl MVP without catching a touchdown? Because he deserves it after that catch. And with the roughing the passer penalty, I think it's safe to say we're in Eagles implosion mode.

9:29 - I think the Eagles have run that sweep play about five or six times, losing at least three yards every time. Maybe it's time to take that one out of the playbook Andy Reid.

9:24 - OK, now that the Pats are up, we'll have to see if the Eagles can respond and keep this close, or will this be where the Patriots pull away?

9:21 - How'd Big Y afford a Super Bowl commercial? Or is it some kind of filler for extra commercial breaks? Is there a certain amount of time each Super Bowl dedicated to low-budget local commercials? I need answers.

9:20 - So we've got the first ever Super Bowl that's tied after three quarters. Hope the fourth quarter can deliver.

9:18 - That little end around pass was a nicely designed play, but the Eagles were all over it. This is shaping up to be a good fourth quarter.

9:13 - I actually didn't realize Glenn Close was still alive. Not in the "Hammer's alive" sense, but really, for some reason I thought she died a year or two ago. I guess I was wrong.


9:10 - Wow, what a catch by Brian Westbrook. Maybe the Eagles really have a shot.

9:05 - Hey, TO's still alive. Good for him.

9:03 - "Erections lasting longer than four hours, though rare, require immediate medical attention." Words that I should never have to hear during a football game.

9:02 - It's always holding... again.

8:59 - You can text message your vote for Super Bowl MVP? And this game is on Fox? Does that make Clay Aiken an MVP contender?

8:57 - Troy Brown's nice return called back by holding. It's always holding.

8:53 - Napster to go=no comment.

8:51 - I like the Super Bowl commercial for the Super Bowl, but if we're already watching the Super Bowl, why does the NFL feel the need to advertise the Super Bowl to us? It's not like we're gonna switch to "C.S.I." at this point.

8:49 - Oh God. Crotch cam has to go away.

8:48 - Mike Vrabel just caught a touchdown in his second consecutive Super Bowl. And he's a linebacker. That was a nice catch too. They might want to move him to tight end more often.

8:43 - OK, the nice pass play there has brought some of the energy back into the room. Still, we could use a stray titty.

8:41 - The consensus in the room is that the halftime show has actually sapped our desire to watch the game. Not a good sign for the NFL.

8:35 - Wow, that was a boring halftime show. Even the halftime commercials blew. It's like advertisers knew people wouldn't be watching.

8:12 - Hammer again! Wow, Chris Rock was right. "Bush is back. Hussein is back. Rumsfeld is back. The whole war seems like a bad VH-1 special. Before you know it, it's gonna be Hammer-time again."

8:10 - And it's halftime. Time for the most boring halftime show in Super Bowl history, followed by hopefully a competitive second half. Cause so far this first half has been pretty boring.

8:00 - Wow, where was the defense there? Hey Philly, wanna cover the guy who's caught a TD in four (now five) straight postseason games? Guess not.

7:56 - Hey, Troy Brown still plays offense!

7:49 - OK, this is shaping up to be one of the weirdest Super Bowls ever. No one wants to hold on to the ball. Even Tom "Hey, I'm Joe Montana except not as talented or as successful" Brady.

7:45 - So that's two challenges and two overturns so far this Super Bowl.

7:42 - Did both iTunes-Pepsi commercials have to air within five minutes of each other?

7:41 - Lincoln Fry is up over $350K. And that was just about the strangest fumble I've ever seen. There's no way the receiver wasn't down.

7:40 - New England just ran the same screen play twice against the same blitz. Eventually Philly has to figure this out, right?

7:37 - Finally, the iTunes-Pepsi commercial. Nice job.

7:35 - They threw Hammer back! Best. Commercial. Ever!

7:33 - Woo-hoo! Touchdown Eagles! Touchdown anyone! Woo-hoo!

7:30 - Wow, Todd Pinkston can play football. What a catch!

7:29 - How was that not a late hit? Westbrook was tackled 5 yards out of bounds.

7:25 - Eventually either the Eagles have to stop turning it over or the Patriots have to start capitalizing, right?


7:23 - And, for the second straight year, we're scoreless after one quarter. Is it too late to get the Steelers and Falcons here? Can we try this again next week maybe? In Las Vegas maybe?

7:20 - I think Dorsey Levens just died.

7:15 - Pylon cam=serious disappointment.

7:14 - What is wrong with Wolverine?

7:13 - OK, Rodney Harrison made a really nice pick, preventing an Eagles score, but he doesn’t look good right now. This could be pretty bad. Oh, and what the hell is wrong with McNabb's arm?

7:12 - Bud Light is running away with the commercial contest so far. Where is, well, everyone else?

7:10 - That's the second time the Eagles have gotten lucky on a turnover. That either bodes very well for them or very poorly. This, of course, is why I no longer bet on the Super Bowl.

7:09 - Way to lose 15 yards on the next play McNabb. Jackass.

7:08 - Wow. nice play by Terrell Owens (and a nice help on the illegal pick). Oh, and Pooz pointed out that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lorie is a very ugly man.

7:05 - Lincoln Fry Update: $250,000. Seriously. I think tomorrow I'm going to McDonald's to find a Terrell Owens fry. How much you think that would fetch?

7:02 - Hey, the Eagles' offense isn't dead after all. nice screen to Westbrook.

7:01 - Wow, that was a bad Diet Pepsi commercial. The commercial wasn't too bad though. Maybe they'll get more business, which they can use on advertising dollars at (shameless plug!)

6:59 - I'm starting to worry that this year's game is gonna be scoreless in the first quarter, just like last year's.

6:56 - Burt Reynolds getting kicked in the groin=comedy gold!

6:51 - Thumbs up to the Diet Pepsi "P. Diddy" commercial. Thumbs down to the LeBron commercial, the Olympus M-Robe (featuring some "Daredevil"-esque kid at the end) and the Paul McCartney halftime show preview.

6:44 - Good job by the ref to not screw up a challenge one minute into the Super Bowl.

6:42 - And A-B takes the early lead in the commercial competition with what I'll call "Pilot Jumper." Oh, and on an un-related note, there's no way the call on the field stands. The Eagles with be punting on 4th down.

6:38 - Kickoff. Only eight minutes late. Not bad. Oh, and a nice return by the Eagles. Hopefully this is an omen.

6:37 - The coveted "pre-kickoff" commercial spot went to Ford, and it was a nice spot for the new Mustang convertible. You know, I almost bought an '02 Mustang convertible, before coming to my senses and buying a car that wouldn't suck in the winter.

6:35 - OK, so the coin toss was just completed in the worst way ever by some seven-year-old football player form Jacksonville. I think Rodney Harrison was going to hurt the kid, before Donovan McNabb stepped in and congratulated the kid. Oh, and we're now five minutes past scheduled kickoff without the ball being in the air.

6:28 - Bill Belichick, once again, in the tasteful hooded sweatshirt. He's done more for the hoodie than anyone since Easy E.

6:27 - Clinton and Bush (the one-termer) are here to help "salute" the National Anthem. Oh, and the fry is up over $300.

6:24 - OK, I had to check. The "Lincoln fry" is going for $52 on Yahoo! Auctions. I think we have something else to track for the rest of the night.

6:21 - What is America coming to?

6:12 - The tribute to Ray Charles and the singing of "America the Beautiful" was OK, but it's just not the same without Ray himself. His performance at Super Bowl XXXVI (the one right after 9/11) was just awesome. Plus, Alicia Keys just doesn't seem to have as inspired a singing voice as she did three years ago.

6:06 p.m. - Apparently the pre-game show is officially over, and we're now into the "kickoff" show. The intro actually wasn't that bad, with the images of the Super Bowl greats coming out of the field. The right mix of old-school and high tech, especially since Fox is usually overkill on the latter.