Pimpin’ my ride...

OK, so I meant to update this a few days ago (Specifically Wednesday) but I just never got around it it. My bad.

Still, I've been keeping busy. On Tuesday, Pooz and I went on one of our trademark Best Buy-Circuit City runs and I went a little nuts. After buying some DVDs at Best Buy, we ran over to Circuit City, where it turns out they had one last Street Glow kit available, in blue neon of course. So, I asked how much it was and how much it'd be to install. And the answer was acceptable, so I decided to buy it. Then get it installed. So my car is now pimped. Plus, the neon matches my subwoofer box, which I had installed a few months back (along with my speakers, amp and head unit).

I then proceeded ot order a whole bunch of other stuff for my car, including taillights, an intake, a new exhaust system and, of course, rims. Over the next few weeks, I 'll be putting everything on, and of course I'll be posting pictures here as necessary.

In other news, I wrapped up my watching of season 3 of "Buffy," and I've already picked up Season 4. I'll probably start watching that on Monday, given that I'm working the next couple days.

Oh, I should also mention that I put some money down on my PSP, which I wasn't going to get until I saw the launch games list, which is just sick. I can't pass up the idea of portable NFL and NBA Street. It's too tempting.