Lots to cover...

... so let's get right to it, in fun and exciting bullet point form!

• First up, as I'm sure some of you have seen in your web travels, pop-under ad providers have found a way to write code that breaks through most common pop-up blockers. As a web surfer, this bothers me, because I'd gotten very used to never seeing pop-up (or pop-under) ads with Safari. Now they're starting to pop up (no pun intended, really) all over the place. As a webmaster though (for SportsPickle.com, if you'd forgotten) this is more of a dilemma. Sure the new code results in more money for DJ (and, in a Reagan-style trickle down effect, me) but some of our readers are probably upset. Still, no changes in the works yet for SportsPickle.com.

• On another web-related note, in his college basketball column this week on SI.com, Stewart Mandel mentioned that his web guys told him statistics show most people aren't clicking on the "continue" link at the bottom of the page to go on to the next part of the story. Let me be the first (well, probably not the first, but still) of many to say "Duh!" Studies have always shown that newspaper readers don't follow the jump on the majority of stories. Why webmasters would think this would be different for the web is a mystery to me. Yet lately all sorts of websites have begun breaking up longer columns into multiple pages, perhaps most quizically so the Washington Post, which seems to apply the breaks to sports columns arbitrarily (Sometimes Wilbon's column will be split, sometimes it won't. What's the deal with that?) Look, I agree that it looks stupid to have a story that turns the vertical scroll bar into a marathon scroll rather than a sprint, but having jumps on websites means loading images and ads multiple times for no reason. It's stupid. Make it stop.

• While I was on SI.com to get the link for the above note, I found this story on the front page about a possible Santana Moss for Laveranues Coles trade. This would be great for the 'Skins, since they're going to have to get rid of Coles no matter what. To get a player like Santana Moss in return would be quite a coup. Sure, Moss hasn't lived up to his rep during his time with the Jets, but he's better than literally nothing, which is what the 'Skins would be looking at if they were forced to cut Coles. Plus, Moss could be a Ricky Sanders type fit in the Joe Gibbs offense, with potentially Mike Williams (with the No. 9 pick, maybe) being Gary Clark. Sure, they'd still be missing an Art Monk go-to possession guy (which Coles actually was last year), but Clinton Portis is better than any RB Gibbs ever had (yes, I'm including John Riggins in that statement. Portis is that good.).

• Apple came out with a bunch of new iPods this week. The bright blue of the new iPod mini makes me jealous, since my blue doesn't look nearly that cool (it's also a year old, so it's faded a little) and the new blue almost matches my car. I briefly thought about ordering one, but instead I got a 60 GB iPod photo, which has already shipped. I should have it in my hands by the middle of next week. Woo-hoo!

• I've actually not watched a single episode of Buffy since finishing season four late last week. I even managed to go three days between finishing season four and buying season five. Of course, that's all going to change in about an hour, when I pop season five into the DVD player. Of course, I still have to watch season one of Angel, which Kate loaned to me last week, and I've yet to start. Plus all the other new DVDs I've bought and yet to watch (like "Vanity Fair," "Fresh Prince" season 1 and "Heat," the last of which I just picked up today).

• I've heard the new 50 Cent album and I have to say I'm very impressed. Shawn said that XXL's review of the album included the line "50 Cent got rich and stopped trying," which is a great dis line but not at all accurate. There are so many good songs on there that I can't even begin to mention them all. I will say this: there is consensus in the apartment that "Get In My Car" will be the joint banging from everyone's car this summer.

• I got my exhaust installed on my car yesterday and it looks awesome. The sound improvement is nice, but not too much (once I get the intake on, then it'll really rumble) but the way the back end looks now, with the new taillights, the clear third and the dual exhaust is just fantastic. Once I get the tinting done, it'll be perfect.

• That just about covers it. I'm sure I left something out. Oh, in fact I did. I renewed my SitePal subscription for another month, but I'm not sure I'll go much further past that. I like it, but not enough to pay what they want for a yearly subscription.