Color rules!

This morning I was just waking up when our doorbell rang. I wasn't going to get it -- mostly because I thought it was just my iPod AppleCare, which was scheduled to arrive today -- but it woke up Pooz too, so at his urging I picked up the package. Lo and behold, it was my 60 GB Personalized iPod photo itself! Joy of joys! (Seriously, I love this thing already. The screen is so beautiful, and now I have my iPhoto library with me at all times).

I had the weekend off and didn't really do much other than relax and watch a lot of TV shows on DVD, which is probably what I needed to do for once for a weekend off. Hopefully at some point soon I'll be able to get down to Maryland, but I've been exhausted lately. At least, I had been until having the weekend off.

In bad news, my Street Glow neon isn't turning on under my car. I'm going to drop it off at Circuit City tomorrow to get it looked at. Hopefully it's just a fuse or something simple. I can't imagine all four bulbs died simultaneously.

New DGOW this week, and it's a landmark one. My Desktop picture collection finally cracked 1000 pictures, and the picture to the right is picture No. 1000 itself. I'm going to try to update the file sharing page with the latest DGOW download collections, though the girls.xls file with the counts of pictures for each girl is up to date.

Also, I noticed it's been almost a month since I posted the book page, and I haven't updated it since then. I'll try to have something additional up there later this week, even if it's just minor stuff. And I'm setting a goal for myself (though not exactly an ambitious one) to have the book done by my birthday.