Sports, sports and more sports (and some not sports)

OK, we've got a lot to cover today, so let's get right to it.

•I went 2-2 in my NFL picks this weekend, which somehow never made it to the site. I correctly nailed the mild upset by the Rams over the Seahawks, and obviously the Colts over the Broncos. I was actually very surprised by the Jets and the Vikings.

•Randy Moss's touchdown celebration may not have been the brightest or classiest thing to do, but it wasn't the end of civilization as we know it, like Joe Buck and the entire ESPN crew made it out to be. Buck immediately ranted about it -- the same Joe Buck that appears in Budweiser's "Leon" commercials, mind you -- and ESPN refused to show it. Come on guys, it was childish, but no worse than Joe Horn's cell phone thing from last year.

•Packers suck. I tell Todd this on a daily basis, and now it's actually true. They went 4-5 at home this year, and lost a first round home playoff game for the second time in three years. Maybe now Brett Favre can retire and we can stop hearing how he's the best man ever to grace the Earth with his presence. Seriously, if I have to read one more "Brett Favre has overcome so much and he just loves to play the game and he has so much fun out there" story, I'm gonna puke. Or kill Peter King (who I love reading when he's not writing about Favre).

•I liked the Mets signing of Pedro Martinez. I love their signing of Carlos Beltran. I hope they don't waste their time signing Carlos Delgado or trading for Sammy Sosa. They're both too old and not that good anymore.

•LeBron James deserves serious consideration for MVP. Sure, I'm biased (as the former publisher of, I may be more of a fan than most people) but his numbers are incredible and he's taken a team that otherwise would be contending for a top-three draft pick and taken them to the second-best record in the East. If that's not MVP caliber, then I don't know what is.

•The Steelers will win the Super Bowl. Every other team in the playoffs has some kind of problem. Hell, I could actually see every home team but the Steelers losing in this round (in fact, that's exactly how DJ picked them over at SportsPickle, but he's no Jimmy the Greek). And if the Steelers do win the Super Bowl, Ben Roethlisberger should retire. Seriously. He'll be 16-0 as a starter, he'll have won a Super Bowl, and he'll probably be Super Bowl MVP if they do win (since the media votes on the award, and most members of the media are retarded sheep). He could live off autograph signings and public speaking appearances the rest of his life. Think about it; what company wouldn't pay at least $100,000 for a motivational speech to its employees by an undefeated Super Bowl champion? He'd be like Football Jesus. Then, in 10 years, he could come back like Roy Hobbs and people would think he was some kind of God or something.

That just about wraps up Adam's weekly opinions on the world of sports. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

If you look to your left, you'll notice I picked up "Buffy Season 1" on DVD. I never really got into the show when it aired on The WB, even though I'm a huge "Charmed" fan. Maybe I only had room for one teen drama about supernatural hotties, but I figured with Best Buy selling Season 1 for 50 % off, I'd give it a shot. I've only watched one episode so far, but I'll try to get through the whole season and judge it at that point. If I like it enough, I may buy more of them.
Lauren and Vanessa came over again on Saturday and Moore and I spent some time hanging out with them. It was an enjoyable evening, and it was nice to have people to talk to other than just Moore and Pooz (not that I don't enjoy talking to Moore and Pooz, it's just nice to occassionally talk with other people... you know what I mean...). I talked to Vanessa again yesterday and we're going to hang out on Wednesday and probably go see "Elektra." It'll be nice not to have to go see it by myself, since Moore and Pooz refuse to see it. I actually don't think it'll be that bad.

Oh, thought I'd mention that my camera ended up selling for just about the same amount my new camera cost me, which was good, because it ends up being nearly a wash. Plus, I upgraded to more megapixels and a much lighter camera, which I've been taking advantage of. Eventually, I'll try to post some pictures on here, once I take any actually worth posting. I do plan on re-shooting the apartment photos, now that we've added some more things and I've changed my room a little bit.

Last, but not least, we're on to round 2 in the Versus poll tournament. Lindsay Lohan did pull out a last minute victory in last week's final poll (proving my Anna Paquin-Princeton analogy was spot on). Also, I added the ESPN2 HD calendar to the iCal section. I'm going to keep that updated, even though Cox doesn't actually offer ESPN2 HD here yet. All in due time (though I'm starting to get impatient for my WTNH-HD, especially now that "Alias" is back on.)
Until next time...