Party time... almost...

Well, today's the day of our latest party, this one in honor of Pooz's birthday (which is actually on Monday). Last year, Pooz and Geoff had a joint birthday party at Dave and Geoff's old apartment, and that one got a little out of control. Honestly, this was probably has the potential to be even crazier, given that three of us can party and then just crash in our beds, plus Pooz has the next three days off, but I think we'll be able to keep out of too much trouble.

I finally had a relaxing day off yesterday, a day when I just really didn't do much other than enjoy the fact I didn't have to work. I did manage to watch quite a bit of "Buffy" and I'm now almost done with Season 2. I'll probably try to pick up Season 3 sometime in February, and at this point I've added Seasons 3-7 to my wishlist. Plus, I'm on such a Sarah Michelle Gellar kick lately that I finally cracked open my copy of "Simply Irresistible" that I picked up at Best Buy months ago for $5.99.

Thursday Moore, Pooz and I all went to the comic book shop and I found a few statues I really liked. I ended up going back yesterday with Pooz to pick up the Mary Jane Watson statue from the Loves of Peter Parker series. I've always been a huge MJ fan, from back when I started watching the Spider-Man cartoon in the early 90s. I think it's the redhead thing. Right now the statue is sitting on top of my file cabinet, but I'd like to find a more special place for it. Oh, I also finally took a picture of the Alias bust, but I'm having some network troubles that are preventing me from uploading the updated figures/statues album.

Oh, on the topic of pictures, I'd post updated apartment pictures, but right now there are decorations up for the party, making it kind of stupid to take pictures that are meant to be just of the apartment. Still, there will be plenty of party pictures up this week, so you can all enjoy those.

Oh, wow, I almost completely forgot. I finally got a book page up. Right now it's just a basic introduction to the book, but eventually it'll have lots of details about the characters, the writing history and more. For now, you can at least read the first chapter.