Busy Week

So I had the day off today and meant to get an update up sooner, especially since I haven't had one in the last week, But instead I got lazy and watched "Buffy" and played video games. Actually, in the past week, I managed to watch all of season 1 of "Buffy" and I liked it enough that I'm now onto season 2, which I bought on Saturday.

I played a bunch of "NFL Street 2" today also, and I really like how good my character is now. I'm at the point where I can singularly dominate games on offense and pretty much do what I want on defense. I even managed to win the last "Crush the Carrier" event I played, which was a major accomplishement, since I hadn't won one of those yet. Still, I'm suprised at how repetative the "Own the City" mode is, since it is supposed to be the major new feature of the game (besides wall moves, which still haven't gotten old for me).

As for what happened last week, well, let's start with Tuesday, which was the Macworld Keynote day. If you haven't been to Apple's website since then, I suggest you check out all the cool new stuff as soon as possible. I know for a fact I'm getting both a Mac mini and an iPod shuffle as soon as I can. I even put one of my iMac DVs up for auction on eBay, hoping to defray some of the costs of the Mac mini, since I'm also still trying to get out of debt.

Wednesday I went out to dinner with Vanessa and we had a really great time, just talking about movies and other stuff. We have a whole lot in common, and we're probably gonna go out again sometime this week. Then maybe when Lauren comes back from the four of us will all go out.
Friday I went to see "Elektra" with Kate and Aisha, and that was a huge mistake. It's easily the worst movie I've seen this year (though technically, it's also the best movie I've seen this year, since I've only seen one movie, but "Eletrka" isn't getting off on a technicality). Jennifer Garner was fine in the movie and the fight scenes weren't bad, but the plot was awful (and almost non-existent) and the characters other than Elektra herself were just garbage. Seriously, thank God for "Alias" otherwise Jennifer Garner might not have much of a career left.

That's all for now. I'll probably have another update tonight, with a new DGOW and versus polls. Then I'll try to update again before next Monday. Really, I swear.