Back again

See, I told you I'd have another update tonight. Though this one will be a short one.

I went to Target about 90 minutes ago and finally picked up a new DVD player for my bedroom. I was in the process of moving my entertainment stuff around, and I realized that it was a convient time to replace my Apex DVD player, which I'd been meaning to do for awhile. The Apex AD600-A was a great DVD player in its time (with the hidden menu that turned off region coding and MacroVision) and one of the first to do MP3 playback, but it isn't a progressive-scan player, and it was starting to have troubles reading discs. So I picked up a $45 player from Memorex, which actually looks really nice.

To be honest, my whole setup in my bedroom looks pretty slick right now, and I can definitely see a Mac mini fitting nicely right in there. Plus, with me selling the iMac DV, I'll be freeing up my wireless keyboard and mouse for use there, so I won't have to buy those again.
Hopefully later this week I'll have updated pictures of the apartment up, especially now that my bedroom has been reworked.

While I'm posting an update, let me get my NFL picks out of the way. I'm going with the Steelers and Falcons, though I can honestly see it going completely the other way. I really hope the Steelers pull it out. As for the NFC game, I just really like Mike Vick, but I wouldn't say I'm rooting for either team.

This week's DGOW and Versus are finally up, though if you look closely, you'll notice that one of the Versus polls is the same. That's because after one week of voting, Kate Beckinsale and Sarah Michelle Gellar remain tied. Make your vote heard and help break the tie. Maybe next week we'll have two new polls.