Alias is back...

Oh man, "Alias" was just so amazing last night. Seriously, I think it might have been the best episode since the first season. At the least, it was better than any episode since the Super Bowl special of Season 2, and set the table for Season 4 to be much, much better than the mediocre Season 3.

If you're reading my site, you either don't watch "Alias" or you've already seen the episode, but if you do watch and haven't seen it, consider this your SPOILER WARNING!!!!

I'm very happy with the development of an SD-6-like group within the CIA, mostly because it brings the key players from the first season back together in an environment where they can go on more Season 1-like missions. The missions from last season were pretty lame, and made the show less interesting to people like me, who fell in love with it during the first season. Also, getting Dixon back in the field is a huge improvement, because you get a better rapport between him and Sydney.

Of course, the biggest development was the revelation of the Season 3 cliffhanger. I'm actually glad Abrams killed off Irina Derevko, because it was pretty obvious Lena Olin wasn't ever coming back to the show, and having that hanging over Season 3 was pretty shitty. Plus, making it into a relationship breaker, then builder, between Jack and Sydney made it all worthwhile. Of course, having the whole thing happen at the end with Nadia was just stupid. I'm a frequent visitor to the "Charmed" section of TWOP, and as Demian, the recapper for that show, says frequently and sarcastically "keeping secrets from each other has always worked so well for us in the past." That same line applies to "Alias." At no point in the history of the show has keeping a secret from a loved one ended up being a good idea. Ever. So why would this be different. No idea. Stupid Sydney, stupid.

In non -"Alias" news, we're less than a week away from the Macworld Expo. which is always super awesome. Just another one of those great days to work for Apple (for those of you looking for a more specific list of great days to work for Apple, they're the days that end in "y"). I am working that day, as well as the next two days, but I do have Sunday off, which is when I finally hope to get around to updating the DGOW archives with all the images I currently have. After I add these next 94 to my library, I'll have well over 900 total photos. Yeah, that's a lot of desktop pictures.

Oh, I should also mention that as of the time I'm posting this, my camera only has an hour left to go on eBay. So if you're really desperate for a piece of Adam memorabilia, go bid now. Then come back here and vote in the Versus poll or download the DGOW or something.