Hello again.

Obviously I haven't been very vigilant at updating this website, but I hope that all will change soon. I probably didn't pick the best week to do this, given that I'm closing at work for the next two days, but I'm off again on Thursday, which should give me a chance to do another pre-2005 update.

I spent my Christmas day enjoying the day off and watching all three extended editions of "The Lord of the Rings." That's right, almost 11 hours of movie in one day. The movies are amazing, but surprisingly, they don't benefit from watching them in one pop (maybe because, in my mind, ROTK seems so much better than FOTR that it overshadows it by the end). Also, I probably won't do it again anytime soon. It was actually tiring to watch 11 hours of movies consecutively (as tiring as sitting on the couch doing nothing can be).

I did manage to do something else on Saturday: play some "NFL Street 2." I picked it up Friday for Xbox and I haven't been disappointed so far. It's better than the first one, having a lot more game modes, but manages to keep all the good stuff from the first one in. Plus, it looks better on Xbox than my original "NFL Street" does on GameCube. Of course, the first thing I bought in the in-game store was a throwback Chargers jersey and then I proceeded to match all my team colors to it and outfit my teammates in different gear to show off the colors. My team looks slick, plus I've already built myself up to be semi-unstoppable, so it's lots of fun.

I picked up a few new CDs last week (actually five) and I've been listening to them as much as I can so far. I really like the new Nas, while the new 2Pac and Ludacris aren't as good as their previous stuff. I also got the Alias soundtrack, finally, as well as Lindsay Lohan's debut album. Lindsay's album isn't much different from any of the other teeny boppers out there, but I like her a lot, so I had to get it.

We're having a party on new year's eve, and obviously you're all invited (of course, anyone's who's reading this site and is within range of CT has probably already received the e-mail invitation that Pooz sent out).

As for web site info, everything on the site is update. Versus and DGOW are new this week, as is the countdown clock. All the lists to the left are completely updated, and even all my jersey photo albums are updated. I'm also working on a photo album of my collectible figures, which I may have up later tonight, but don't hold your breath on that one. The webcam is even back online, though it may go off freqeuntly, because Cox seems to change our IP address on us more frequently than Comcast did. Also, we're going to try and reposition the camera, because we got this awesome KOTOR II standup, which unfortunately blocks the good camera angle, as well as any decent light.

Reggie White, 1961-2004, R.I.P.