Welcome back...

Well, I went and had lunch with my mom on Thursday, hung out with Pooz, Moore, Brewer and Sarah (Pooz's girl) on Thursday night, so things are turning around and I'm not in such a bad mood anymore, so time to post. As for what happened to my Tuesday morning post, well I was still pissed off then, so I didn't do anything.

I'm not going to detail the entire past two weeks, but I'll touch on some of the highlights. First of all, I finally picked up an old school Bulls hat to go with my script Chicago jersey. At the same time, at Finish Line, I grabbed a fitted Colts hat to match my Harrison jersey. It looks real crisp. right now, the Harrison jersey has overtaken my Tomlinson jersey as my favorite, but it's also the newest. We'll see what happens six months from now.

OK, right now I have a fantasy football dilemma. I've got Clinton Portis, Deuce McAllister, Chris Brown and Warrick Dunn, and they're all playing, and I can only start two of them. Right now I'm going with Brown and Dunn, since they seem to be touchdown machines, while Portis has struggled and McAllister has only played two weeks. Still, this is a much tougher choice than my decision to go with Pennington over Vick at QB, especially since Pennington has more than doubled Vick in fantasy production this year.

In my other fantasy problem, it looks like I'm stuck starting Roy Williams, even though he may not play. My other two WRs available are Reggie Wayne (who has a bye) and Santana Moss, who is more likely to not play due to injury.

Our Halloween party is fast approaching, and don't forget, it's costume required. Of course, I may not even be there. My dad may get tickets for the Steelers-Patriots game in Pittsburgh that weekend. If he does, I'd probably go to that rather that stick around here for the party. Could you blame me? There's nothing quite like a live football game, especially in an environment like Pittsburgh, which lives and dies with its Steelers.

Speaking of the NFL, I should probably make some picks for this week, given that I missed last week. I'm gonna guess, even before I make these picks, that I'll be somewhere near .500. Which I've been every week. Stupid parity. Well, here goes not much (home teams in CAPS)...

•EAGLES over Panthers
•Bengals over BROWNS
•LIONS over Packers
•TITANS over Texans
•JAGUARS over Chiefs
•BILLS over Dolphis
•FALCONS over Chargers
•PATRIOTS over Seahawks
•JETS over 49ers
•Redskins over BEARS
•Broncos over RAIDERS
•Steelers over COWBOYS
•Vikings over SAINTS
•RAMS over Bucs

Guess we'll know in a few hours how things go.

I picked up a couple new posters this week. The final ROTK poster and an Ali-Liston door poster. They really complete my room, especially since I've got no wall or door space left. I did order the Spider-Man 2 trio of posters (Sacrifice, Destiny and Choice) and those are going to go above the DVD racks in the main entrance to the apartment. That means, of course, that I'll have to move Legolas's daggers, but I'll find a place for those in my room.

I also picked up NBA 2K5 for Xbox and I'm very impressed with it so far. The gameplay is smoother than last year, and the chemistry function makes season mode more interesting than just a series of games. Of course, with NBA 2K5 out, that means its almost NBA season (which didn't really dawn on me, despite that little countdown to the right). Even with that said, I don't really get into NBA season until football season is wrapping up in late January. Hopefully the Cavs will make a nice run this year and get into the playoffs. Also, hopefully this will be the year I get up to a Cavs-Celtics game. Maybe I can get someone to come with me, because I'd feel stupid driving two hours to go to a game alone.

As for this site, I'll try to keep things updated this week. As for DGOW and Versus, well, I'll make sure the current ones don't stretch into a third week. For now though, enjoy Kate Beckinsale's lovely visage for another day or so. Also, I'm hoping tomorrow or Tuesday (probably Tuesday, since I have the day off) to update the downloads page, to account for the new additions to the collections for the previous DGOW. In other site-related news, SportsPickle.com now has an RSS feed at http://www.sportspickle.com/sportspickle.xml. Feel free to subscribe through your favorite RSS reader.