Silver linings...

Well, it's right now another near-.500 week, at 7-5 in the afternoon games, but at least I've clinched a .500 record this week. If St. Louis and Baltimore manage to win the primetime games this week, I'll have gone 9-5, which is a record I'd be very happy with after my cruddiness to start the season.

What I'm not happy about is the Redskins loss to the Browns. I know I'm gonna hear about it from Brian, which I really don't care about. What has me pissed is the fact that Washington keeps losing games in the dumbest ways possible, which was something that was supposed to stop when Steve Spurrier left town. Turnovers are killing us, but what's hurting almost as much is the poor clock management. It's clear that Joe Gibbs is struggling with when to challenge calls, as it has cost the team two weeks in a row. I'm sure that by the end of the season, the team will have figured things out, but at 1-3, 0-2 in the division, things are slipping away early.

As for non-football stuff, I just got through watching another ass-tastic (and strangly Carpenter-free) episode of "Charmed." I'm not a fan of this "Agent Brody" character. Haven't we been down this road before with eeevil (extra "e"s for creepy effect) Agent Jackman from the end of season four? The problem with this show is the human "threats" are being given more creative efforts than the demonic ones. That's what happens when you kill off the "source of all evil" midway through season four and then create and kill an invincible super demon in the span of half a season, you've kind of screwed yourself over for future seasons. Hopefully they'll bring back season five's intriguing-but-underdeveloped "avatars" soon. From what I've seen on the rumor sites, this is a possibility. I'd be a fan.

As for shows that aren't ass-ier than J-Lo, I finally caught up with season two of "Dead Like Me." It's been so much better than season one, which was good to start with. I'm really impressed with how George has grown as a character, as the other characters have managed to stay interesting around her. The biggest development of the season, in my opinion, has been the further character development of Rube, who was the most mysterious character of season one. Now, we're getting to know a little bit more of his backstory, which has been a big payoff for fans of the show.

Well, after a nice three-day weekend, it's back to work for the next six days. That should be fun. Or not. Either way, I'll try to keep things updated here, so you all can follow along.

Cheat Commandos, Rock Rock On!