Quickie post

So I just woke up so I'm not really coherent enough to post a full update, but maybe in my semi-coherent state, I can pick NFL games better than I have while wide awake. After another middling near-.500 week (8-6), my overall record stands at 23-22, so I'm back in the black and ready to get a big jump on the win column.

Here we go.

•Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
•Indianapolis over Jacksonville
•New England over Buffalo
•Green Bay over New York Giants
•Oakland over Houston
•Philadelphia over Chicago
•Washington over Cleveland
•Atlanta over Carolina
•New Orleans over Arizona
•Denver over Tampa Bay
•New York Jets over Miami
•Tennessee over San Diego
•St. Louis over San Francisco
•Baltimore over Kansas City

If Washington doesn't win this week, I'm not going to be a happy camper. The 'Skins need a win to get back on track, and get the critics off Joe Gibbs's back. Gibbs is still getting re-adjusted to the NFL, and, don't forget, he inherited a team that was just 5-11 last season. So give them some time.