No... put the script down...

So I'm getting ready for another day of work (day two of a six day stretch) and I figure I should probably get an update posted before I go, because I probably wouldn't be able to do anything on my lunch break anyway. Plus, I'll have to do tonight after work, so I wanted to make sure I got an update up soon.

Of course, I managed to split my picks in the primetime football games this week, meaning I finished the week, again, at 8-6. Still, that does leave me three games over .500 for the season (31-28). And I did finally get around to giving my record a spot on the sidebar, so look to your left and you'll see it.

Speaking of sidebar items, both the DGOW and Versus are updated this week. We've only got seven more Versus polls in the first round, so make sure you vote and have your voice heard. And for the person who voted for Geri Halliwell over Britney Spears last week, please take this seriously. We wouldn't want bad things to happen (like an "Underworld" sequel...oh wait, too late for that...).

Seriously, who thinks an "Underworld" sequel is a good idea. The movie was crap. Plain and simple. Kate Beckinsale can't act. Just let her do a Playboy spread and we'll be done with her. Someone needs to stop this from happening. Just imagine the bad things that could follow if an "Underworld" sequel is released. "AVP2" anyone? Yeah, didn't think so. Oooh, I know "Punisher vs. Hulk." Or maybe "LXG2 featuring Van Helsing." Perfect plan! (I'm kidding. Seriously. Hollywood execs, please don't make these movies. No one wants to see them. Not even the people in them.)

In news that isn't as scary as the idea of Kate Beckinsale "blessing" us with more Sci-Fi craptacularity, Pooz is working on an invitation to the Halloween party. Right now, it's set for Oct. 30 (Saturday) but we don't have a specific time. Costumes are required. Refreshments will be served.