OK, so remember two days ago when I said I'd be back Monday for DGOW and Versus and an update. Yeah, not so much.

But here I am, a day later, but not a dollar short, because I have both those updates, plus some other stuff for you. First off the site-related stuff. If you're visiting the site and not voting in the polls, please vote. I need all the votes I can get. Remember, the question is "Who's your pick?" You can interpret that anyway you want. Then, I'll interpret the results the way I want. Remember, this site is AdamReisinger.com, not AdamReisinger'sFriendsandtheirOpinionsAboutWomeninEntertainment.com.

Speaking of women in entertainment, Alias Season 3 DVD came out today. I'm watching the first episode as we speak. I think this season will hold up better on DVD than it did during weekly airings. Of course, there was that one late season episode that seemed more like a 15 minute scene stretched out for an hour, but otherwise, I think it'll be fun to watch these episodes.

So Pooz and Moore got back from the ATL last night, when Tracey and Stacie were over, and I've decided that I need to go to this conference next year. There's probably enough events to keep me interested, plus the stuff I could buy would be awesome. For example, I got more swords. Actually, daggers. Legolas's daggers from "Lord of the Rings." We've got them hanging above the DVDs right now, because they're so damn cool looking there. And now, because I got such a great deal on them ($75, which is way below retail cost), I'm super interested in getting Arwen's sword now. World of Weapons has it for $155, which really is way more than I want to pay. I've seen it go on eBay for about $75-100, which is more in my range.

Well, that's about it for now. Just thought I'd mention the daggers. And the "Alias." And the... no, that's it, pretty much.