So tired...

Despite the peace and quiet of having the apartment to myself, I can't wait until Moore and Pooz get back from Atlanta because I'm so tired right now. Having shifted from a 1-10 schedule to a 9-6 schedule, while in the middle of working a full week in a row (and 9 of 10 days total) is exhausting. Plus, I need the time off that's coming at the end of this week to go get my car fix. The hood is loose, and though the front latch seems to be holding OK, I'm afraid it could come loose while driving, which would be bad for everyone involved.

Still, there is some good news. I got a new cell phone, which is freakin' awesome. Seriously, I never realized how nice having a bluetooth headset could be until I got this phone (the Verizon Motorola v710). Now I'm hooked on using the headset. The phone is nice itself too. It syncs with iSync (though not over bluetooth, due to a Verizon firmware lockout) and it takes pictures and movies. In fact, I took a little movie of Lilah today when I stopped by the house. I also bought some nice ringtones for it, though they were damn expensive. It was cheaper to buy them in bulk though (bulk being seven) so I did that and found some I can rotate through, rather than buying one for $2 and another one later on when I get sick of it.

Now that I have a phone with a camera in it (commonly called a cameraphone) I'll be able to take pictures of cool stuff when I see it (the CoolPix 995 isn't the most convinient camera to carry around at all times) so I may have more pictures on the site in the near future (not even counting the pictures on, which now forwards to its own page).

In other super awesome news, Alias Season 3 comes out on DVD Tuesday, which should give me plenty to do when I have three straight days off and my car is in the shop. Sure, Season 3 wasn't the best in terms of storytelling, but it was extra-Sark filled, and the unintentional comedy is off the scale, with the continued ineptness of the people who are supposed to represent America's intelligence agents. Oh, and Punisher comes out on DVD too, and I'll probably end up getting it, even though I didn't find it as good as it should have been. Honestly, it just boils down to the fact that he didn't kill enough people in the movie. The real Punisher (and yes, I know he's a fictional character, but still) would kill more than eight people in getting vengeance for his family's death.

Oh, and I love the sight of that little countdown clock to the right. It's almost time for NFL season and I'm psyched. Now if Cox can somehow get WTNH-DT live before Thursday night, I'd be more psyched, because then I could watch the NFL opener in high def.

That's it for now. Tune in tomorrow for new Versus and DGOW, as well as regularly scheduled rants.