Not much to say...

Sorry I missed the usual Monday update, but I haven't really had much going on since Sunday (I did only miss three days). I had Monday off and watched some movies, then went up to Holyoke Mall with Pooz, where I picked up Marvin Harrison and Carmelo Anthony jerseys. I'll try to have pictures posted of those soon. The Harrison jersey (white, authentic) is pretty crisp looking.

Unfortunately, new, awesome jerseys don't help me pick NFL games any better. After a 7-8 opening week, I went 8-8 in week 2. Technically, it's an improvement, but if I don't get a good week soon, I'm going to be lingering around .500 all season. Speaking of .500, that's where my 'Skins sit after an atrocious week 2. Looking on the bright side, though, the defense still looked pretty good, and the team almost won, despite seven turnovers.

The Star Wars trilogy arrived on DVD yesterday, and I watched Episode VI last night (because Pooz had already watched IV and V, before I got home from work), then watched the IV and V today. I'm not even going to comment on the big change to VI, other than to say I'm still sorting out my feelings on it. Both Pooz and I were yelling at the screen at first, but we've settled down since then.

I think all my car insurance issues are sorted out, having faxed everything to Progressive yesterday. I think 12 pages of documentation to prove my liability limits for the previous year should be enough. Now I have to fax my new Progressive sheet into Horace Mann, so my parents can get my name taken off their insurance. It's anti-fun stuff.

Also, our first rent check is due next week, which obviously puts a damper on the apartment life (having had it free for two months has distorted my view of things. Anything that went wrong, it was like "oh well, we're living here for free). In addition to that, apparently there have been a few complaints about the noise level coming from our apartment. We're obviously going to tone things down, but right now we're pissed, not because the complaints happened, but because the people who complained went straight to management, rather than coming to us first. If they had asked us to ever turn down the volume, we would have. Instead, for the past two months, we've been doing things the same way for two months because we didn't think anyone had a problem with it. Now that we know, we'll change things, which we don't have a huge problem with, and there shouldn't be any big problems in the building anymore.

Also, my G5 is still awesome. Just thought I'd remind you of that. I finally figured out how to automate the conversion process from fullscreen to widescreen for my desktop pictures, so I was able to convert 90 pictures today in about 20 minutes. My desktop collection is up to 695. When I hit 1000, whoever the girl is will automatically be DGOW for the week, even if she's already been it. Which reminds me, I'm down to less than 1 MB of free space on my iDisk, which means I need to figure out a new plan soon. I may purchase some more iDisk space for $60 ($5/month) or sign up with a hosting company to get more than 100 MB of additional space, given how quickly I run through it. I found a place that will give me 2 GB for $3.95 a month, but that's only if I sign up for a two-year commitment. Still, that's only about $35 more, so I may do that. Of course, then, I have to do more coding work on a weekly basis. It's all a big mess.