I’m still ready for some football

OK, yesterday was awesome, if only because I had the day off, FOX showed the Redskins game, and the 'Skins won. Oh, and Clinton Portis proved why the 'Skins traded for him, and Fred Smoot proved why they could afford to trade away Champ Bailey. All in all, that game couldn't have gone much better for me and all Redskins fans.

As for the rest of the games, well, um, don't ask. OK, I'll just say I'm 7-7 right now, needing the Panthers to win tonight to salvage a winning week. Right now, I can't really get a read on this game. Carolina seems to be having some early season jitters, but hopefully they'll work things out.

Today is Monday, so don't forget about DGOW and particularly Versus. Last week, LeAnn Rimes and Shania Twain ended up tied, so I've reset the votes and left them up for another week. Make sure you make your feelings known (and ladies, you can vote too. Just vote for who you think the better singer is. Or who you'd like to hang out with. Really doesn't matter what your criteria are, just pick a girl).

In personal Mac-related news, my G5 has an OOB date of tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some happy news there. I'm all set for my dual display setup (a 20" DVI and a 15" ADC) with two external HDs, so it'll be my powerhouse machine from day one. As for this site, I'm running out of space on my iDisk, so I'm probably going to have to buy more soon. Either that, or change DGOW to DGO(everyother)W. Which I might have to do anyone because I'm running out of girls I want to spotlight.